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Aufstehen für Frauenrechte

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Gender matters!


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Hega, Mylene D.; Alporha, Veronica C.; Evangelista, Meggan S.

Feminism and the womens' movement in the Philippines

Struggles, advances, and challenges
Pasig City

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The future of the European Union

Feminist perspectives from East-Central Europe

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Morcos, Sarah; Matuschek, Katrin

Gleichberechtigte Teilhabe im politischen Engagement fördern


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Morcos, Sarah; Matuschek, Katrin

Gleichstellung der Geschlechter umsetzen

Gender Mainstreaming in Organisationen

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Balabanova-Stoycheva, Iliana; Kadieva, Milena; Krumova, Teodora

Women's rights and right-wing populism

New tools for development of democratic and social values

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Abu-Rumman, Mohammad; Abu Hanieh, Hassan

Infatuated with martyrdom

Female jihadism from Al-Qaeda to the 'Islamic State'

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Arivia, Gadis; Subono, Nur Iman

A hundred years of feminism in Indonesia

An analysis of actors, debates and strategies

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Feminism in Africa: Trends and Prospects

Report of the International Workshop on Political Feminism in Africa

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