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Dahal, Dev Raj

The current trade union situation in Nepal

Bonn, 2002

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Sinha, Pravin

Issues before the Indian trade union movement

Bonn, 2002

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Qadir, Abdul

Unions and challenges: an analysis of the Pakistani situation

Bonn, 2002

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Shahul, Mohamed

Country report on the trade union situation in Sri Lanka

Bonn, 2002

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Philippine trade union profile

by Carlos Antonio Q. Añonuevo. - [Quezon City] : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Philippine Office, 2000. - 53 KB, PDF-File. - (Online papers
QuezonCity, 2004, 19052005

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Sundaram, S. K. G.

Organisations working for the unorganised labour

the case of Mumbai
Bonn, 2005

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Globalisation and media

Bonn, 2005

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Hega, Mylene D.

Women and trade unions

the context, the gains and the road ahead ; the Philippine experience
Bonn, 2001

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Ehrke, Michael

Gewerkschaften in Japan

betriebliche Rolle und politische Positionen
Bonn, 1998, 2010

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Gutiérrez B., Hernán

Modelo económico e inserción internacional de Chile

los procesos de integración regional en Asia Pacífico
Bonn, 2004

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