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The FES is excited to be part of the Global Social Protection Week of the ILO, taking place in Geneva this week.


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Together with partners and experts from the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors we will present our work on social protection floors worldwide and contribute to outcome of the week: the development of a common strategy to achieve SDG 1.3.

With the ILO but also governments, social partners, international organizations and development partners we will discuss the importance of an effective and inclusive national dialogue for formulating national social protection strategies and policies to build national social protection systems. We will explore steps that countries can follow to formulate national social protection policies and strategies based on national dialogue and highlight countries’ experiences and lessons learnt in this regard. And we will share the experiences FES made in a three year project in nine countries where we found out that some impact can be achieved by societal dialogues for the extension or the preservation of social protection almost everywhere. And in all countries relatively low-cost but well-made interventions by international development partners can help to create the awareness of the positive impact of national social protection schemes within CSOs and assist them to formulate social protection policy demands.

For more detailed information, please see our project publication.

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    Das Referat Globale Politik und Entwicklung arbeitet in folgenden Themenfeldern:

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    • Migration und Entwicklung
    • Soziale Gerechtigkeit
    • Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte

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