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Link Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung
Bildauswahl zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung
Link Social History Portal
This is a website of the International Association of Labour History Institutions. Digital collections on social history and the history of the labour movement from the late 18th to the beginning of the 21st century. More than 900,000 digitised objects (archives, books, brochures, leaflets, photographs, posters, prints, cartoons, sound, films and videos) from 15 specialized archives and libraries in Europe.
Link Sozialistische Monatshefte
Internationale Revue des Sozialismus, 1897 - 1933
Link Deutsche Sozialistische Republik, Zentralrat
Minutes of the meetings of the Zentralrat 1919-1920; files, mainly consisting of correspondence, on councils of workers and soldiers in many places in Germany, on the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Reichskanzlei, the security police, the army workshops in Spandau, on the liberty of the press, prisoners Size: 2.4 m. Period: 1918 - 1920 Repository International Institute of Social History

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