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Kibugi, Robert

Towards a low carbon climate resilient development

Discussion paper on shaping a just transition for Kenya
Nairobi, 2020

Download publication (2 MB, PDF-File)

Ondoua Biwolé, Viviane

Impact de la pandémie du Covid-19 sur l'emploi au Cameroun (IPEC)

Regard sur la situation de la femme et l'action syndicale
Yaounde, 2020

Download publication (1,2 MB PDF-Datei)

Carbone, Giovanni

Europe: Team play in Africa?

The Africa policies of EU member states
Brussels, 2020

Download publication (1,1 MB PDF-File)

Guloba, Madina Mwagale

How inclusive is Ugandaʿs social protection legal and policy framework in relation to the informal economy?

Lusaka, 2020

Download publication (1,1 MB PDF-File)

Ggoobi, Ramathan

Import substitution: Uganda's Post-COVID-19 industrial policy strategy

Kampala, 2020

Download publication (10,1 MB PDF-File)

Golooba-Mutebi, Frederick

The political economy of economic transformation in Uganda

A case study of manufacturing
Kampala, 2020

Download publication (8,5 MB PDF-File)

Muhumuza, Fred K.

Macroeconomic effects of COVID-19

Fiscal and monetary policy options for recovery in Uganda
Kampala, 2020

Download publication (1,5 MB PDF-File)

Creating consciousness among Sub-Saharan Africa instriAll affiliates and developing policy demands for a sustainable energy mix

Johannesburg, 2020

Download publication (6,9 MB, PDF-File)

Daniel, Marie

Defining a just transition for Sub-Saharan energy workers

A discussion paper of the Sub-Sahara Africa Energy Network (SSAEN)
Johannesburg, 2020

Download publication (5 KB, PDF-File)

Manga, Erick; Hamilton, Paula; Kisingu, Stephenson

Riding on a union App

Uganda's Public Transport Workers' digital response to platforms
Berlin, 2020

Download publication (380 KB, PDF-File)

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