Agenda for decent work

With the Decent Work Agenda, the International Labor Organization (ILO) has developed an operationalisation of priorities in the world of work adopted in a consensus by governments, employers and employees in order to make globalisation fair, reduce poverty, and inclusive and sustainable development.

The specific objectives of the Decent Work Agenda are: the creation of jobs, the granting of rights at the workplace (core labour standards), social security and social dialogue. FES project work pursues to attain these objectives through the support of topical campaigns.

For example, the Play Fair campaign seeks to guarantee decent work in mega sports events such as the Olympic Games or FIFA World Cups. While the safety of construction workers was improved in South Africa in 2010 and Brazil in 2014 and reasonable collective agreements were concluded, major upcoming sports events (FIFA World Cup in Russia 2018, Qatar 2022) poses significant challenges to obtain decent work for workers involved.

In times when there is major income security as a result of informal or precarious work, 80 percent of the world population does not have any social security, or only has such to a very limited extent. A framework for basic social protection based on law exists since 2012 in the guise of ILO Recommendation 202. Implementing this Recommendation is the task ahead in the countries of the Global South, which the FES supports through national and international educational and dialogue events as well as within the framework of the “Social Security for Everyone!” project.

Millions of domestic workers live and work under conditions that are not compatible with decent work. They have begun to organise in recent years. The newly founded International Domestic Workers Federation supports a large number of national trade unions and organisations of domestic workers and has achieved an intermediate goal in the improvement of working conditions through ILO Convention 189, which now needs to be implemented in the respective countries, inter alia through reform of labour law.

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