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COVID 19 and organized crime: »Latin American governments are in a state-making competition with crime«


How has the worldwide pandemic transformed the criminal landscapes? Did Covid 19 change the game?

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The United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: STOP or GO?


Jean-Jacques Konadje from the Ivory Coast is calling for an adjustment of the missions of UN peacekeepers.

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Afghanistan – Peace in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the urgency for peace in Afghanistan to unprecedented levels, says Magdalena Kirchner on fes-asia.org

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'People of all countries want a world without nuclear weapons'

Austrian diplomat Alexander Kmentt in the ipg-journal on the outdated dogma of nuclear deterrence and other means of achieving security

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New and more complex security challenges in the Horn of Africa


The EU should listen more carefully to citizens of the countries in the region as discussed on a high-ranking meeting on peace and security in the...

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The Sahel: a market of violence at the doorstep of the European Union


What possible solutions could look like in the Sahel conflict region

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Remains of weapons were found at the site of an air attack

European arms companies may be liable to prosecution for aiding war crimes in Yemen, argues lawyer Miriam Saage-Maaß on ips-journal.eu.

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A call to arms 2.0

In Colombia, a FARC splinter group has announced rearmament. Is this the end of the peace process? Find out on ips-journal.eu

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The International Security Echo-Chamber: Getting Civil Society Into the Room

International interventions perpetuate violence. To change this dynamic, civil society needs to be heard, say our colleagues on justsecurity.org.

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2030 Agenda – How to Prevent Violent Conflicts over Land and Resources


Land disputes are linked to several of the 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals, explain Caroline Kruckow and Marc Baxmann (FriEnt).

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New FES vlog examines the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific

New FES vlog examines the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific

3 questions, 3 answers, 3 minutes: Asian and European thought leaders unpack what the EU’s upcoming Indo-Pacific strategy means for the region. more

Security Policy in the Southern neighborhood

Security Policy in the Southern neighborhood


The Future of NATO

The Future of NATO

Mapping national debates on the future of the atlantic alliance more

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