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Restoring European Security: From Managing Relations to Principled Cooperation

The report is part of the Cooperative Security Initiative (CSI), which is designed to generate ideas and shift momentum in favor of cooperative...

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MACROSCOPE: Germany’s Tenure on the UN Security Council 2019/20

Is the glass half full or half empty? Germany's tenure on the UN Security Council in review.

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We finally need to involve women to build lasting peace

It takes more than just UN resolutions to protect women from the violence of war and involve them in peace-making, says Anja Papenfuss on...

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‘The generals are calling the shots’

Syria, Libya, the Mediterranean and now the Caucasus — Turkey is involved in many hot spots. Felix Schmidt explains why on ips-journal.eu

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How relevant is the German reunification for Korea today?

It has been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. FES Korea explored the significance of the German reunification for the Korean peninsula.

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Peacebuilding in the Sahel needs stronger cooperation with civil society

Violence in the Sahel is increasing but stabilization efforts have so far focussed on military interventions. Read about why promoting civil-society...

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Many visions of peace: What are Colombians actually hoping for?

The project Paz Glocal has been gathering the visions of peace as expressed by thousands of citizens from around the country. More on FES Connect.

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International Peace Day: Civil society organizations call for end of Korean War

More than 350 South Korean and international civil society organizations, including the Korea office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, have launched a...

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'This coup is no surprise'

Christian Klatt on the drivers of the military coup d'état in Mali and what it means for stability in the region. Read more on ips-journal.eu.

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Tough choices in a tough neighborhood: Challenges and opportunities for the two Koreas

Domestic difficulties and degradation of the international contex will change the room for strategic maneuver for both countries.

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New FES vlog examines the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific

New FES vlog examines the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific

3 questions, 3 answers, 3 minutes: Asian and European thought leaders unpack what the EU’s upcoming Indo-Pacific strategy means for the region. more

Security Policy in the Southern neighborhood

Security Policy in the Southern neighborhood


The Future of NATO

The Future of NATO

Mapping national debates on the future of the atlantic alliance more

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