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Maull, Hanns W.

Containing entropy, rebuilding the state

challenges to international order in the age of globalisation

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The UK and Germany's "progressive partnership"

Launch speech by the Minister for Europe, Peter Hain and summary and extracts from pamphlet "Germany and Britain - an alliance of necessity" by Heather Grabbe and Wolfgang Münchau, jointly issued by the Centre for European Reform and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London
London, 2002

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Khouri, Riad al

The Arab world in 2002

Bonn, 2002

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Prospects of conflict resolution in the South Caucasus

findings of sociological surveys 2001 ; regional project South Caucasus Network for Civil Accord = O perspektivach razrešenija konfliktov na Južnom Kavkaze
Bonn, 2003

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Karabachskoe uregulirovanie

principy, podchody i aspekty ; sbornik analitičeskich statej = The resolution of Karabakh conflict: principles, aspects and assessments
Bonn, 2003

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Gabriel, Sigmar

The Middle East - partner for Europe

lecture given at a meeting of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation on 13 October 2002, Jerusalem
Bonn, 2006

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Mayer, Peter; Schweißhelm, Erwin

In preparation for ASEM IV

challenges and perspectives for making the Asia-Europe-Meeting more meaningful
Bonn, 2002, 2008

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The interreg model

practical experience in cross border co-operatives
Bonn, 2003

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Citizens' partizipation in local self-government

experiences of South-East European countries
Bonn, 2003

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Spoločná cesta k inštitútu registrovaného partnerstva na Slovensku

zborník príspevko seminár, Bratislava, 8.-9. december 2000, konferencia, Bratislava, 31. marec 2001
Bonn, 2003

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Leggewie, Claus

Gibt es eine transnationale Bürgergesellschaft?

, 2001

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Heller, Agnes

Cultural memory, identity and civil society

, 2001

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Ahlert, Christian

ICANN als Paradigma neuer Formen internationaler Politik
, 2001

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Müller, Harald

Middle Eastern Threats to the Atlantic Community

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Kühne, Winrich; Hillebrand, Ernst

Evolving global governance structures

division of labour and co-operation between regional and global security arrangements ; a joint international workshop by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Ebenhausen, April 6 - 8, 2000
Bonn, 2001

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