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Gender and Trade Think-Meeting fosters critical analysis and advocacy

Video by FES New York provides insights into the renewed debate on gender, trade, and interlinking issues.

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Corruption: Multi-Billion Dollar Thefts From the Public Purse

Sarah Ganter

Civil society can contribute to asset recovery and more transparent processes, say authors Agatino Camarda and Jackson Oldfield.

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No fish today


Building social cohesion by fighting inequality

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Pay taxation, buy civilisation

A robust international tax system is the best defence against authoritarianism, says Wayne Swan on IPS-journal.eu.

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Development Finance Revisited


The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not for everyone's tax evasion

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Economic Inequality and Taxation are Feminist Issues

When corporations do not pay their taxes, there is less money to invest in gender equality, says ICRICT commissioner Magdalena Sepúlveda.

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