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Africa’s future will be decided in its cities

Increasingly, Africa’s growing cities are becoming the site of changing socio-political struggles for public goods

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Feminist economists needed to make the most of the digital age


The digital economy supposedly empowers women. Replay our webinar with experts from the Global South for a reality check and ways ahead.

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The IMF’s latest victims

The IMF’s belief in ‘expansionary austerity’ would be laughable if it were not so damaging, says Jayati Ghosh on ips-journal.eu.

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Western (double) standards

Criticising China would be more convincing if the same demands were met by the West itself, says Claudia Detsch on ips-journal.eu.

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Free trade alone is not a solution in Africa

Trade unions should play a central part in the implementation of the African Free Trade Agreement ACFTA argue Greven and Schulz, FES.

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The exploitation time bomb

High profits, low investment, and rising inequality demand a Global Green New Deal, says ICRICT commissioner Jayati Ghosh on ips-journal.eu.

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A bad deal?

France threatens to block the controversial EU-Mercosur free trade agreement, says Susanne Stollreiter on ips-journal.eu.

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Illicit financial flows are bleeding African wealth

Illicit financial flows are depriving African countries of wealth. With governments slow to act, civil society must take urgent action.

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Duty-bound to protect

Human rights are not negotiable. German and European companies must protect them throughout the world, says Bärbel Kofler on ips-journal.eu.

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After neoliberalism

Neoliberlism has been a spectacular failure. Only a progressive agenda can save capitalism now, says Joseph E. Stiglitz on ips-journal.eu.

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