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Frauen der Yuturi Warmi. Yuturi Warmi ist die erste Gruppe indigener Wächterinnen im ecuadorianischen Amazonasgebiet.

Killing a river is killing the culture of people


Ecuador’s indigenous leaders unite at COP28 to push for Just Transition amid Amazon threats

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A man in a white robe stretches out his hand and reaches into an incense tree in the Dubai desert.

World Climate Conference COP28 – Climate diplomacy in hot times


The international community is meeting in Dubai to take stock of climate protection measures, discuss the financing of those efforts and decide on the...

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A protester holds a sign against fracking during a Fridays for Future global climate strike demonstration in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday, Sept. 24, 2021.

Argentina's contradictory bet


Argentina’s contradictory position is on display as the country seeks to finance its energy transition with fossil fuels extraction, despite the...

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Plakat auf einer Klimademo mit der Aufschrift: «There is no Planet B»

Why Climate Change and Human Rights are Connected


What are the obligations of states to protect the human rights of those affected by climate change?

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Hydrogen in the Nordics: Drivers of European Cooperation?


Renewable hydrogen can facilitate a sustainable industry and transport sector, enabling the Nordics to achieve their ambitious decarbonization goals....

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Women adapting to climate change in Nepal | DOCUMENTARY


Bahav (eng: flow) explores how Nepalese women in two of Nepal’s most remote districts have been navigating changing climatic conditions and their...

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Kenyan woman changing the lives of women and girls by working towards climate resilience


Climate Tracker journalist Hellen Shikanda on a conversation with Kenyan activist Monica Yator.

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Green hydrogen - a win-win for all?


The Green hydrogen cooperation could foster social and ecological transformation in Namibia but only if the EU respects the interests of both parties,...

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Loss and damage fund: a »remarkable reversal of direction«


The results of COP27 from the perspective of the Caribbean climate negotiator for Trinidad and Tobago’s COP27 delegation, Caroline Mair-Toby. Her...

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COP27: Putting the debate about race at the centre of discussions


Leaders of the Brazilian black movement have come to COP27 with a fundamental demand: to place the racial debate at the centre of the climate...

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Competence Center for Climate and Social Justice

Competence Center for Climate and Social Justice


Six Messages on International Climate & Energy Policy by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Six Messages on International Climate & Energy Policy by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung more

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

In our new manual, we present numerous arguments showing that social progress and ambitious climate action must go hand in hand. Enjoy reading! more