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Uganda’s silence at COP26 over growing deforestation


Environmental leaders have expressed concerns about Uganda’s silence on deforestation during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in...

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India’s net zero target is starting to boost renewables overseas


By the evening of 1 November 2021, India had captured the spotlight in Glasgow. The country announced a new net zero target by 2070, which meant that...

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Indonesia calls for increased climate finance and collaboration at COP26


President of Indonesia Joko Widodo called for global collaboration to tackle climate change during COP26, highlighting the need for more climate...

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Vietnam pushes for action at COP26 while continuing with coal projects at home


The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is a chance for Vietnam to show its commitment to addressing climate change. Despite the country’s long-term...

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COP26: United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 in Glasgow

Where do we go now after the Paris Agreement? Assessments, analyses and contributions from young activists at the annual World Climate Conferences...

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COP26: Mexico's lack of climate commitments


Mexico still depends on fossil fuels for its energy supply and has not yet significantly updated their Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) since...

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How can we make climate protection socially just?

Yvonne Blos

A new FES study looks at how we can ensure that the national climate plans that are part of the Paris Agreement take the principles of a just...

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COP26: Chile's constituent assembly during the climate crisis


Next year, the Chilean people will vote on a new constitution. One thing is already clear: the text will refer to the climate emergency.

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COP26: Ecuador's chance to save the Amazon


Ecuador's new president, Guillermo Lasso, promised to take more responsibility for the environment. So far with little success, finds Doménica...

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China’s latest carbon pledge sets ambitious course for the 21st Century

China’s recent commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 sends a powerful message, not only about what the country thinks it can achieve with...

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Six Messages on International Climate & Energy Policy by FES more

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

Climate Manual: Climate action. Socially. Just.

In our new manual, we present numerous arguments showing that social progress and ambitious climate action must go hand in hand. Enjoy reading! more

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