Blog: Iran's Presidential Elections 2021

26.05.2021 | Blog

Economic Distress and Voter Turnout in the Iranian Elections

Expectations of low voter turnout have overshadowed Iran’s presidential election, with some observers claiming that Iran’s leadership is facing a...

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25.05.2021 | Blog

A critical juncture: an Emirati perspective on Iran’s presidential election

The six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are very directly affected by the fate of Iranian politics – and thus by the outcome of the...

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21.05.2021 | Blog

An Evolving Crescendo with a Grand Finale: Election Campaigns in Iran

Short, intense, and yet very impactful – election campaign periods are quite distinctive in Iranian politics.

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20.05.2021 | Blog

To Vote or not to Vote: on the Significance of Presidential Elections in Iran

The majority of the Iranian population may stay away from the ballot box this year. Yet that does not render presidential elections meaningless.

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20.05.2021 | Blog

The FES Blog on the Iranian Presidential Elections of 2021

A multifaceted debate with an open, critical perspective

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About the blog

Our blog aims to host a diverse, multi-faceted debate on the Iranian presidential elections on June 18. To this end, it highlights aspects that are important to Iranians in the context of the vote as well as fundamental issues like the question of the importance of elections in an autocratic system. We also consider the perspectives of selected regional actors.


David Jalilvand is an Analyst, running the Berlin-based research consultancy  Orient Matters

Achim Vogt heads the FES project Peace and Security in the MENA-Region.




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