Blog: Iran's Presidential Elections 2021

10.06.2021 | Blog

The End of a Détente: Turkish-Iranian Relations after the Iranian Presidential Elections

Following a period of exceptionally warm relations, Turkey and Iran are now on a collision course. The outcome of the elections will not alter this...

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09.06.2021 | Blog

The Election is all about Economics, but Labor Unions Refuse to Get Involved

Iran’s unions will sit out the electoral contest even though economic issues are key to the upcoming elections. Amid the widespread exclusion of...

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08.06.2021 | Blog

Distrust and a New Pragmatism: Saudi Arabia and the Iranian Elections

Saudi Arabia is convinced that the president is not the true center of power in Iran. Riyadh’s policy of cautious rapprochement to Tehran consequently...

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07.06.2021 | Blog

With Little Hope for Change through the Ballot Box, Iranian Civil Society Debates Strategy

Activists had seen voting as a way to push for progress, but many are now questioning whether to participate in the upcoming election. Iranian civil...

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04.06.2021 | Blog

The EU and Iran after Rouhani: towards a Minimalistic Relationship?

For better or worse, Iran remains a pivotal country in the Middle East. The EU will therefore need to judge the next Iranian government on its own...

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Our blog aims to host a diverse, multi-faceted debate on the Iranian presidential elections on June 18. To this end, it highlights aspects that are important to Iranians in the context of the vote as well as fundamental issues like the question of the importance of elections in an autocratic system. We also consider the perspectives of selected regional actors.


David Jalilvand is an Analyst, running the Berlin-based research consultancy  Orient Matters

Achim Vogt heads the FES project Peace and Security in the MENA-Region.




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