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This online gallery documents different exhibitions that have been compiled by the FES Library. Additionally, you can find a selection of images of special items from our Library's collection.

Picture: Marx, Engels: Die heilige Familie oder Kritik der kritischen Kritik

Highlights from our Library's Collection

This gallery presents special items from our Library's collection. The titles presented on the following page are part of a collection that originally was maintained in the study centre of the "Karl-Marx-Haus" in Trier. When this study centre was closed in the year 2009 its complete library was integrated in the collection of the FES Library in Bonn.

Highlights from our collection (only in German language)

Picture: 90 years FES scholarship programme

Scholarships for Working-Class Students - Beginning of the FES

In 1925 the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung was founded to support the scientific education of young working-class students. On occasion of the 90th anniversary of the FES foundation the FES Scholarship Division together with the FES Library prepared an exhibition on the history of the FES scholarship programme.

More information on the following page (only in German language)

Picture: Der Wahre Jacob, June 6th 1931. Drawing: Karl Holtz

"Kampf dem Hakenkreuz"

Political drawings of the publisher J.H.W. Dietz Nachf. in the anti-Fascist defence

This exhibition presented authentic materials and reproductions of publications edited by J.H.W. Dietz at the beginning of the 1930s. It introduced to to artists and authors that refused to give in to the National Socialist threat.

More information about this exhibition on the following pages (in German language).

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