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For a social and fair global economy

Freedom, justice, solidarity – the core principles of social democracy ought to apply to the global economy as well; however, today, we are far away from this goal.

Workers’ rights are being hollowed out, unions are being pressured, transnational companies are becoming increasingly powerful. More and more, important decisions are being made by exclusive forums like G7, G20 or OECD, which do not give the voices from the Global South enough weight. Systemic abuses cannot be undone overnight. However, we and our partners can contribute to making the global economy more just, regarding several key aspects worldwide.

The poorest countries are affected the most by globalization's negative excesses. Because of this, it is important to us that their voices be heard at the decisive committees. In order to reach this goal, we create spaces for discussion and exchange and connect actors that share our values. In addition, through our publications and events, we put subjects on the agenda that don't get much attention otherwise.

All this is being made possible through our global networks. Together, we want to effect change and come closer to a global economy that respects human rights and uses natural resources in a sustainable way.

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Our Focus

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Trade policy

In Germany and Europe, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in protest to TTIP and CETA. Their worry is that more and more areas of public life are being submitted under the principle of the market and corporate interests. Together with our global partners from parties, unions and civic society, we are finding ways to reconcile different interests and move towards a fair international trade system.

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Tax Justice

Many corporations use tricks when it comes to paying their taxes. They use tax havens intensively to maximize their profits. But through this mechanism, badly needed resources are being withheld from society, as was revealed by, for instance, the Panama Papers and the LuxLeaks.

In order to fight these developments, we advocate for an equitable reform of international (group) taxation, as well as for the fight against illicit financial flows and tax evasion.

Democratic World Politics

In geopolitical forums, the ones with the most power and resources usually are the ones dominating the discourse. To counteract this, we enable representatives of the Global South, of unions and civil society to take part in the debates held by the UN, Bretton Woods institutions and other geopolitical forums. We also support civil society meetings like the World Social Forum in order to draw attention to alternative solutions. Finally, together with our partners in the G20, we campaign for an economy that serves humankind, for instance in the forums of the L20 (unions from the G20 countries) or T20 (think tanks).


07.07.2017 | Globale Politik | Handel | News | Publikation

Civil society groups reclaim policies for the public

Global report assesses how privatization and corporate capture have become obstacles to progress under the 2030 Agenda

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Friday, 07.07.17 13:00 bis Friday, 07.07.17 19:30 - GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Düsternstr. 10, Hamburg | Globale Politik | Handel | Veranstaltung | News

We need to talk: Debt20 meets G20

During the Summit, representatives from indebted countries meet with the G20 to discuss strategies on how to deal with debt crises.

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10.11.2016 | Soziales | Handel | Globale Politik | Publikation | News

Report by Joseph Stiglitz & Mark Pieth: »Overcoming the Shadow Economy«

The FES exclusively published Joseph E. Stiglitz' and Mark Pieth's recommendations, garnering numerous media reports.

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17.08.2016 | Wirtschaft von Morgen | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | Handel | Rückblicke

First World- instead of World Social Forum?

From August 9 to 14, the World Social Forum took place in Montréal. The restrictive Canadian visa requirements prevented many globalization critics from the Global South from participating....

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Are the multilateral organizations fighting inequality?

2017 financial impact report executive summary

Download publication (350 KB, PDF-File)

Bradford, Colin I.

Replantear la globalización para mejorar los resultados sociales

Liderazgo global para una mayor cohesión social y sostenibilidad
Buenos Aires

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Bradford, Colin I.

Reframing globalization toward better social outcomes

global leadership for greater social cohesion and sustainability

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