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#YouthPower: It's our turn now!

Young activists provide answers to today's challanges during FES Berlin's Week of Justice 2018 - register now!

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15.05.2018 | Globale Politik | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | News

The UN Climate Talks Say “Goodbye” to Bonn And “Hello” to Bangkok

The guidelines for Paris are starting to take shape, but are the participants satisfied with the outcome of the meetings in Germany?

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14.05.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt

Let’s hoist a flag for Just Transition!

Report from our UN Side-Event during the Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

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07.05.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt

Talanoa Dialogue Starts Amidst Hope and Blame

2018 marks the beginning of a facilitative dialogue on the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, also known as the Talanoa Dialogue

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Anita Nayar and Kathryn Tobin (Eds.) | Geschlechterpolitik | Publikation

Reimagining Regionalism: Heterodox and Feminist Policy Proposals from Africa and the Caribbean

14.03.2018 | Globale Politik | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | News

World Social Forum 2018: Between Standstill and Renewal

The Forum in Brazil focuses on resistance, creation and change – and needs to take a critical look at its own structures.

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| Demokratie und Gesellschaft | Demokratie | Kommunalpolitik | News

The Search for a Sense of Togetherness

In the IPS Journal: In Germany, we don’t need a new concept of 'Heimat'. Instead, we need places where people feel included and effective.

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Mely Caballero-Anthony | Publikation

Think Piece 22: Security in Times of Uncertainty in Asia

Asias security outlook still appears to be laden with uncertainties. From the changing dynamics in the balance of power, an emboldened North Korea and...

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Ann L. Phillips | Publikation

Think Piece 21: Providing Security in Times of Uncertainty

The final report, distills the findings of a two-year effort by more than 20 international experts to find answers on how to overcome rising...

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05.03.2018 | Flucht, Migration, Integration | Fluchtursachen | Globale Politik | Migration | News

Newcomer Entrepreneurs: Agents of Integration

To counter unemployment among Syrian refugees in Germany, Fadi Alshalabi launched Niuversity, a model e-learning platform.

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