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10.12.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt

Building a post-coal future

The discussion on phasing out coal is extremely hard, especially in countries like Poland, where around 80% of energy comes from coal. In the UN...

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| Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | Publikation

A coal in mind

Why the climate conference COP24 in Katowice is an important milestone for achieving the 1.5°C target

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| Die Welt gerecht gestalten | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | News

Get ready for COP24: Four things to know about a just transition to a sustainable future!

On FES Connect, Manuela Matthess reminds us of what's going to be most important at the upcoming climate change conference in Katowice.

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26.11.2018 | Gender, Feminismus, Gleichberechtigung, Jugend, Senioren | Gender | Wirtschaft | News | Audiobeitrag

Why Care Work Needs To Be Integrated Into Macro-economic Models

Podcast highlights international perspectives on debate around the economic relevance of care work.

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26.11.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | News

Bangkok Opens the Diplomatic Season - 10 Key moments leading to COP24

Experts have called this year the most important one since agreeing to the Paris Agreement in 2015. By December, UN negotiators are expected to have...

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12.09.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | Veranstaltung | News

United Nations climate session in Bangkok to decide on Paris Agreement rules

In Thailand's capital, diplomats have gathered for a key step in establishing the Rules governing the Paris Agreement.

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| Jugend | Veranstaltung

#YouthPower: It's our turn now!

Young activists provide answers to today's challanges during FES Berlin's Week of Justice 2018 - register now!

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15.05.2018 | Globale Politik | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt | News

The UN Climate Talks Say “Goodbye” to Bonn And “Hello” to Bangkok

The guidelines for Paris are starting to take shape, but are the participants satisfied with the outcome of the meetings in Germany?

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14.05.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt

Let’s hoist a flag for Just Transition!

Report from our UN Side-Event during the Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

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07.05.2018 | Klimawandel, Energie und Umwelt

Talanoa Dialogue Starts Amidst Hope and Blame

2018 marks the beginning of a facilitative dialogue on the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, also known as the Talanoa Dialogue

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