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Rising Inequality: The World Bank and the COVID-19 Crisis

This topic will be discussed online by Jürgen Zattler, Patrizio Pagano, Cecilia Nahón (World Bank) and Gabriel Palma (Cambridge University) at a...

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27.04.2020 | Global Economy and Corporate Responsibility | Rückblicke | Erklärfilme, Videoclips & Co. (NICHT anklicken, nur Unterkategorie auswählen!)

Fighting inequality through progressive taxation

How this can be achieved was discussed by four guests of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in a webinar at the Global Solutions Summit.


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27.04.2020 | International Community and Civil Society | Publikation | Interview

Social Protection Floor - Social security for all people

How we can keep a sharp eye on states in the implementation of this goal? Michael Chinon has answers.

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12.03.2020 | Gender Weltweit | Global Economy and Corporate Responsibility | Blog

Be a feminist, demand that the multinationals pay their taxes!

What does taxation have to do with Feminism? Magdalena Sepúlveda explains why tax justice also means gender justice.

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Brenda Chelagat | Gender Weltweit | Publikation | Interview

Women organize!

Trade unions and informal economy associations can shape a decent future of work, which considers the African cultural and infrastructure context

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| Die Welt gerecht gestalten | Peace and Security

Remains of weapons were found at the site of an air attack

European arms companies may be liable to prosecution for aiding war crimes in Yemen, argues lawyer Miriam Saage-Maaß on ips-journal.eu.

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17.01.2020 | Die Welt gerecht gestalten | International Community and Civil Society | News

UN2020: A Civil Society Partnership for the UN We Need

The UN’s 75th anniversary is an opportunity to bolster the importance of global cooperation and multilateralism despite numerous challenges.

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12.12.2019 | Gender Weltweit | Climate Change, Energy and Environment | News

Is COP25 feminist?

Gender should be negotiated at the highest level at COP25. But what has happened so far?

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10.12.2019 | Die Welt gerecht gestalten | Climate Change, Energy and Environment | News

FES@COP25: Call For 100% Renewable Energy

Renewable energy as a great opportunity for the Global South: fair, affordable, socially and climate-friendly. What does a just transition look like?

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03.12.2019 | Die Welt gerecht gestalten | Climate Change, Energy and Environment | News

Welcome to Madrid

So much to talk about and so many unclarified issues to be negotiated. Why this COP is so important and what we may expect from it.

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