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Mittwoch, 29.05.19 - Berlin

Veranstaltungsreihe 'Die Transformation unserer Welt - Frieden und nachhaltige Entwicklung im 21. Jahrhundert'

Eat Good - Gesund essen, für uns und unseren Planeten
Was hat unsere Ernährung mit dem Klimawandel zu tun?

Ein Kilo Fleisch zu produzieren, braucht rund zehn mal soviel Energie, Land und Wasser, wie ein...

Events in cooperation with Urania Berlin

In cooperation with Urania Berlin we organize an event series on peace and security in times of global upheaval and a political café on Sundays. The participants discuss sociopolitical topics with well-known figures from philosophy, science and society.

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Past Events

20.03.2019 | Rückblicke

Development Finance Revisited

The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not for everyone's tax evasion

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19.12.2017 | Frieden und Sicherheit | Rückblicke

“My Country First” Rhetoric: Like Water off a Duck's Back to the UN

A reformed Security Council is key to credible international crisis management, so the 2017 FES Tiergarten Conference concludes.

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29.11.2017 | Rückblicke

A just energy transition for both the Global North and South: How do we get there?

Report from our workshop at the People's Climate Summit during COP23.

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05.07.2017 | Rückblicke

Energy of the Future: Sustainable and Socially Fair

At the International Student Energy Summit 2017, the FES puts “Just Transition” on the agenda

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Monday, 20.03.17 18:30 bis Monday, 20.03.17 20:00 - Berlin | Frieden und Sicherheit | Veranstaltung | Rückblicke

Arms Exports: Germany's and Europe's Global Responsibility

Regulations on who and under which terms military weapons deals may be authorized differ between European states. Greater transparency is therefore a...

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Teilnehmer_innen beim Eröffnungsmarsch des Weltsozialforums 2016 protestieren gegen den Ausschluss von Aktivist_innen aus dem Globalen Süden. Foto: Alexander Geiger/FES
17.08.2016 | Handel | Rückblicke

First World- instead of World Social Forum?

From August 9 to 14, the World Social Forum took place in Montréal. The restrictive Canadian visa requirements prevented many globalization critics...

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20.06.2016 | Gute Arbeit, faire Löhne | Unternehmen | Veranstaltung | Rückblicke

Factory Fire in Pakistan: Victims sue KIK

During a reading tour and in a video, survivors and survivors' dependents talk about their struggle.

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10.06.2016 | Handel | Veranstaltung | Rückblicke

2030 Agenda: Recommended Actions for the G20

Our Think Tank Conference compiled a closing document that is now available for download.

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