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The Global Policy and Development Department

In the 21st Century the world is confronted with many challenges. Social inequality is on the rise, natural resources are being exploited unchecked. Many communities are shaped by corruption, violence, and war. In order to deal with these problems, a deep structural change on an economic, ecological and social level is needed. This change must also put democratic participation and civil conflict resolutions front and center.

The activities of the Global Policy and Development Department therefore aim at developing concise alternative policies aimed at a fair global transformation, together with our worldwide partners. Further, the department works at sounding out chances for balancing diverse interests in a way that is fair for all. To this end, we create platforms for sociopolitical actors from the Global South and North. We support alliances and coalitions working towards global equity. Further, we help shape processes of developing informed opinions and strategies.

Alone amongst the political foundations, we can rely on the expertise and contacts of our own offices at the seats of international organizations in Geneva and New York. Through events and publications we develop positions and scenarios, foster North-South-Dialogue and strengthen awareness of global interrelations and common solutions in Germany and Europe.

Global Policy in Berlin

The Global Policy and Development Department in Berlin advises decision-makers from political, civil society and union backgrounds in regards to global questions. It also offers expert dialogues, seminars and publications on various subjects. Further, we strengthen public awareness for global connections by taking debates on international issues to the public sphere via various events.

Our Berlin team is presented here.

International Offices

The FES in Geneva

operates in cooperation with the resident international organizations in Geneva. Areas of activity include World Trade policy (World Trade Organization), international social policy (International Labour Organization / UNCTAD) and international human rights policy (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights).

The website for the FES in Geneva can be found here.

The FES in New York

serves as liaison office between the United Nations headquarters and the Bretton Woods Institutions. The office mainly deals with sustainable development and development finance, questions on international security as well as institutional reform of the UN.

The website for the FES in New York can be found here.

  • Contact

    Global Policy and Development

    Head of Department

    Jochen Steinhilber


    Julia Kühne, Assistant to the Head of Department

    Hiroshimastraße 28
    10785 Berlin

    030/269 35-7510


    Specific Requests

    Please refer to Team & Contact for a list of our experts on specific topics

  • Expertise

    The Global Policy and Development Department deals with the following range of topics:

    • development policy
    • peace and security, disarmament
    • gender justice
    • global economy, taxes and trade policy
    • international energy and climate change policy
    • international trade union policy
    • migration and development
    • social justice
    • business and human rights

    We look forward to exchanging ideas with you. You can find your contact persons here.

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