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Karl Marx Museum Trier

The exhibition in the Museum-Karl-Marx-Haus will inform you: about the person Karl Marx, his life, his work, his allies and his adversaries. Account is also given, for the first time, of the history of his influence which extends from the end of the nineteenth century up to present, thus encompassing the entire panorama of the twentieth century.

Marx's birthplace captivates countless visitors with its baroque charm. The building alone arouses curiosity and prompts further questions about the origins of Karl Marx and his family's domestic circumstances. This prompts further questions, for many people want to know who Karl Marx - whose name not infrequently evokes disagreeable aspects of the past - really was. This exhibition reveals something of his life, his origins and family, his career and fluctuating fortunes, and of the decades of exile in London where he died and is buried. Beyond this,   however, it seeks to appeal above all to those interested in politics and history and also to arouse the curiosity of those who know nothing, or no longer wish to know anything, about Karl Marx.

The Exhibition

The Exhibition
Noticeable right away when you enter the house, is the "grey cube", a square base area turned by 10 degrees, which penetrates the house so to say as a "room in a room". This steel grey cube creates contrasts and distance and at the same time orientation and order by being attributed to Karl Marx. Please find more about the exhibition here.

View in the garden

Garden & Multifunctional Room
The beautiful view of the french-style garden is definitely something you should not miss. The multifunctional room also serves as a location for events. Please find our actual events here.