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International Politics and Society 4/2001

Reading Tips

American Political Science Review

Charles R. Beitz: Human Rights as a Common Concern (June 2001)

John P. McCormick: Machiavellian Democracy: Controlling Elites with Ferocious Populism (June 2001)

Aussenwirtschaft – The Swiss Review of International Economic Relations

Daniel Gros / Marc Suhrcke: Ten Years After: What is Special about Transition Countries? (Juni 2001)

Capital & Class

John Weeks: The Expansion of Capital and Uneven Development on a World Scale (Summer 2001)

Communist and Post-Communist Studies

Andrei P. Tsygankov: The final triumph of the Pax Americana? Western intervention in Yugoslavia and Russia’s debate on the post-Cold War order (June 2001)

Current History

Marvin C. Ott: East Asia: Security and Complexity (April 2001)

Foreign Affairs

Michael T. Klare: The New Geography of Conflict (May/June 2001)

Foreign Policy

Swanee Hunt / Cristina Posa: Women Waging Peace (May/June 2001)

German Politics

Special Issue: New Europe, New Germany, Old Foreign Policy? (April 2001)

International Affairs

Central theme (8 articles): Changing Patterns of European Security and Defence (July 2001)

Review article: Michael Clarke: War in the new international order (July 2001)

International Organization

Mark W. Zacher: The Territorial Integrity Norm: International Boundaries and the Use of Force (Spring 2001)

Andreas Osiander: Sovereignty, International Relations, and the Westphalian Myth (Spring 2001)

Erik Gartzke / Quan Li / Charles Boehmer: Investing in the Peace: Economic Interdependence and International Conflict (Spring 2001)

Journal of Democracy

Symposium (6 articles): Francophone Africa in Flux (July 2001)

Symposium (3 articles): Women and Democracy (July 2001)

Review article: Scott Mainwaring: Two Models of Democracy (July 2001)

Latin American Politics and Society

Marcus Kurtz: State Developmentalism Without a Developmental State: The Public Foundations of the “Free Market Miracle” in Chile (Summer 2001)

The National Interest

G. John Ikenberry: Getting Hegemony Right (Spring 2001)

Henry Kissinger: America at the Apex (Summer 2001)

New Left Review

Naomi Klein: Reclaiming the Commons (May/June 2001)

Political Studies

Review Article: Charles Polidano: Don’t Discard State Autonomy: Revisiting the East Asian Experience of Development

Transfer – European Review of Labour and Research

Harry Coenen / Roelof Hortulanus: The concept of labour in a European perspective (Spring 2001)

Wilson Quarterly

Symposium (7 contributions): How the World Views America (Spring 2001)

World Economics

Interview: Keeping the Keynesian Faith. Alan Blinder on the evolution of macroeconomics (April-June 2001)

Federico Foders: Latin America: The Long and Winding Road to Growth (April-June 2001)

World Politics

Review Article: Dimitri Landa / Ethan B. Kapstein: Inequality, Growth, and Democracy (January 2001)

Review Article: Daniel Philpott: Usurping the Sovereignty of Sovereignty? (January 2001)

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