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International Politics and Society 3/2001

Reading Tips

American Political Science Review

Michael W. Doyle / Nicholas Sambanis: International Peacebuilding: A Theoretical and Quantitative Analysis (December 2000)

Economic Policy – A European Forum

Paul Collier: Implications of Ethnic Diversity (April 2001)

Foreign Affairs

Bruce R. Scott: The Great Divide in the Global Village (January/February 2001)

Martin Wolf: Will the Nation-State Survive Globalization? (January/February 2001)

Robert J. Samuelson: The Spirit of Capitalism (January/February 2001)

William Pfaff: The Question of Hegemony (January/February 2001)

Foreign Policy

Nicholas Eberstadt: The Population Implosion (March/April 2001)

Dani Rodrik: Trading in Illusions (March/April 2001)

Debate: Mr. Order Meets Mr. Chaos (May/June 2001)

Industrial Relations – A Journal of Economy & Society

Richard N. Block / Karen Roberts / Cynthia Ozeki / Myron J. Roomkin: Models of International Labor Standards (April 2001)

International Affairs

Symposium (6 articles): The Climate Change Debate (April 2001)

International Organization

Frank Schimmellfennig: The Community Trap: Liberal Norms, Rhetorical Action, and the Eastern Enlargement of the European Union (Winter 2001)

Arthur A. Goldsmith: Foreign Aid and Statehood in Africa (Winter 2001)

Research Note: Caroline Hartzell / Matthew Hoddie / Donald Rothchild: Stabilizing the Peace After Civil War: An Investigation of Some Key Variables (Winter 2001)

Journal of Democracy

Symposium (4 articles): How People View Democracy (January 2001)

Fernando Henrique Cardoso: Democracy as a Starting Point (January 2001)

Symposium (5 articles): High Anxiety in the Andes (April 2001)

Seymour Martin Lipset: The Americanization of the European Left (April 2001)

New Left Review

Robert Brenner: The Boom and the Bubble (November/December 2000)

Edward Said: America’s Last Taboo (November/December 2000)

Ronald Dore: Worldwide Anglo-Saxon Capitalism? (November/December 2000)

John Grahl: Globalized Finance: the Challenge to the Euro (March/April 2001)


Jeffrey Record: A Note on Interests, Values, and the Use of Force (Spring 2001)

Politics & Society

Special Issue: Deliberative Democracy (March 2001)

The Sociological Review

Andrew Thompson: Nations, national identities and human agency: putting people back into nations (February 2001)

Third World Quarterly – Journal of Emerging Areas

Caroline Thomas: Global governance, development and human security: exploring the links (April 2001)

The Washington Quarterly

Robert M. Dunn Jr.: Has the U.S. Economy Really Been Globalized? (Winter 2001)

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