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International Politics and Society 1/2004



Reading Tips


Communist and Post-Communist Studies

Christopher Marsh: Learning from your comrade’s mistakes: the impact of the Soviet past on China’s future (September 2003)



Suzanne Noessel: Democracy Confronts The Superpower – The New Global Politics (Summer 2003)

Foreign Affairs

Leonardo Maugeri: Not In Oil’s Name (July/August 2003)

Chester A. Crocker: Engaging Failing States (September/October 2003)


Foreign Policy

Madeleine K. Albright: United Nations (September/October 2003)

Jack Rakove: Europe’s Floundering Fathers (September/October 2003)

Theme Issue (7 Essays): The day after: a look at the post-dictator future in seven states (November/Dezember 2003)

Journal of Democracy

Theme Issue (5 articles): Making Sense of the EU (Oktober 2003)

Steven E. Finkel: Can Democracy be Tought? (October 2003)

The National Interest

David P. Calleo: Power, Wealth and Wisdom: The United States and Europe After Iraq (Summer 2003)

Marshall J. Breger: How Arabs Fight Islamism: A Letter from Tunis (Fall 2003)

New Left Review

Immanuel Wallerstein: Entering Global Anarchy (July/August 2003)

Peter Gowan: America’s United Nations (November/December 2003)

Orbis – A Quarterly Journal of World Affairs

Gawdat Bahgat: The New Geopolitics of Oil: The United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia (Summer 2003)

Claes G. Ryn: The Ideology of American Empire (Summer 2003)

Kent E. Calder: Japan as a Post-Reactive State? (Fall 2003)

Omar G. Encarnación: Beyond Civil Society: Promoting Democracy After September 11 (Fall 2003)

Politics & Society

Theme Issue (4 articles): The Legacy of Karl Polanyi (June 2003)

The Journal of Economic Perspectives

Symposium (2 articles): Global Poverty Reduction (Summer 2003)

The Washington Quarterly

Jennifer L. Windsor: Promoting Democratization Can Combat Terrorism (Summer 2003)

World Economics

Peter D. Sutherland: The Outlook for World Trade (July-September 2003)

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