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Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft
International Politics and Society

Middle Eastern Threats to the Atlantic Community (IPG 4/2001) Europeans emphasize peace diplomacy and multilateral arms control whereas the U.S. puts priority on military response options. |text|

Promoting Democracy in Developing Countries. Promises and Dilemmas (IPG 4/2001)
After a decade of democracy assistance, success has stayed well behind intentions. To improve the outcome, foreign aid has to redress the power balance in the recipient country.|text|

Four Simple Principles for the Democratic Governance of Globalization
A note prepared by Dani Rodrik for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation |text|

Globalization and Democracy. First Summary overview

Depopulation and Ageing in Europe and Japan. The Hazardous Transition to a Labor Shortage Economy (IPG 1/2002)
The imminent demographic transition is likely to cause economic contraction, rendering the welfare state as we know it unsustainable. |text|

Let Countries Go Bankrupt. The Case for Fair and Transparent Debt Arbitration (IPG 4/2001)
Insolvency procedures for highly indebted countries make economic sense and are technically feasible. Political resistance by rich country governments spells unnecessary misery for millions of people.|text|

Israelis and Palestinians: the Price of Peace (IPG 3/2001)
Israelis have to revise basic convictions on their security, Palestinians have to give up a great deal of their erstwhile aspirations. |text|

Israelis and Palestinians: Towards a New Chapter of the Conflict (IPG 3/2001)
International diplomacy and Arafat's struggle for survival might well lead to new rounds of negotiation. |text|

On Ending Nationalism (IPG 2/2001)
Nationalism is impeding human progress. Washington sociologist Amitai Etzioni shows how it can be tamed. |text|

The Changing Face of Terrorism (IPG 3/2000) |text|

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