International Development Cooperation: Project Group "Development Policy"

In most western industrialized countries, development policy has lost public approval over the past few years. This is also the case for Germany. The cessation of the East-West conflict following the collapse of communism, the heavy financial burden of German reunification and of support for the new states in Eastern Europe, as well as structural crises and societal changes have created new obstacles to global coexistence and cooperation.

But: Since the future of humanity is at stake, development has to be sustainable everywhere, beginning in the rich. industrialized countries in the northern hemisphere. One needs to introduce substantial changes in production and consumption patterns in our countries, and to vreate awareness among our populations that development cooperation is our common responsibility for the future.

A new project group on "development policy" was established in 1993 with the following mandates:

to involve the Foundation more strongly in publicizing and discussing development policy;

to intensify communication with national and international organizations (particularly the UN) on questions of North-South cooperation;
to disseminate knowledge about the socio-political philosophy of the Foundation and about the scope and qualities of its development policy work;
systematically to identify new issues in different areas of policy and to feed back into projects of the Foundation.

The latter applies particularly to a number of important fundamental issues that crosscut divisional boundaries and which need to receive systematic attention in all of the Foundation's project work:

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