III. An Overview of the Objectives of Promotion of Women within International Development Cooperation

Socio-political Aims
Trade Union Policy Objectives
Economic and Socio-Political Objectives
Objectives in Media Policy

Improving the socio-political parameters for women is the overarching goal of womens' promotion within international development cooperation, so that women may participate as equal partners in the economic, political, and social development of their countries. This does not imply that men should be marginalized - on the contrary, it demands that programs be conceived and managed in such a way, that both men and women may benefit. We strive for a flexible method which fully utilizes all means to secure the meaningful advancement of women, and which also acknowledges and incorporates the interests of men.
The selection of individual goals and their translation into action depends upon the existing state of and tolerance for promotion of women in the respective project states. It is impossible to immediately realize all objectives in all countries. For womens' promotion to be successful, suitable overarching goals must be set and integrated with commensurate objectives within that very project as well as with different, on-site projects.

1. Socio-political Aims
Increasing the participation of women in the political decision-making process
Raising and heightening sensitivity for the specific position of women within society
Encouraging the organizational skills and lobbying efforts of women
Strengthening the legal status and awareness of women
Strengthening the structures and performance capacity of women's (self-help) organizations and the building of networks
improving the qualifications and leadership skills of women
Qualification of female decision-makers

2. Trade Union Policy Objectives
Creation of training and advancement opportunities for women and the qualification of women for leadership positions
Encouraging union women to acquire professional qualifications
Strengthening regional and international cooperation
More say and more involvement of trade union women in all fields of activity
Placing more emphasis on women's issues in union activities
Eliminating discrimination of women in management and at the workplace

3. Economic and Socio-Political Objectives
Improving the employment and income of women
Strengthening the representation structures of employed women
Promotion of (small scale) female enterpreneurs
Helping women acquire technical and business knowledge for the management and administration of (small) enterprises
Promoting the capabilities of women in the areas of administration and management
Establishing and enhancing systems of social security

4. Objectives in Media Policy
Demanding reportage which is fair to women
Training and continuing education for women journalists
Eliminating gender-specific stereotypes from media
Increasing awareness of gender-specific discrimination
Building communication networks between women's initiatives
Strengthening organizational structures for women employed in the media

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