IV. Guidelines for Promotion of Women in International Development Cooperation

Within the parameters of country-specific circumstances, these guidelines aim to facilitate the integration of womens' promotion in the conception and planning of projects, and to identify which measures and areas need special emphasis. The first section deals with a number of important objectives in development projects, in which practical examples will also be examined. In the concluding second section aspects of project conception and realization will be discussed.
The presentation of the guidelines is enhanced by actual examples from development practice and a check-list, which may assist development workers in the planning phase of projects and activities.

Main Objectives
Socio-Political Consultation
Women's Participation
Improving Lobbying Efficacy
Women's Contributions to Labour Unions
Improving the Legal status of Women
Developing Equitable Economic and Social Policy
Women and the Economy
Women-Oriented Media Projects

Conception and Implementation of Projects
Types of Projects
Gender-specific Sources of Information
Target Groups for Womens' Promotion
Project conception and Implementation
Selection of Partner Organizations
Project Personnel
Support Measures from the FEF Headquarters
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1. Main Objectives of Project Activities

Considering the variety of objectives pursued in the project practice, only a few points can be discussed here as illustrations.
To eliminate discrimination, promotion of women should be a prime objective in all applicable areas of the foundation's activities. All projects within a country should be selected and coordinated in such a way, so as to facilitate the long-term improvement of the socio-economic situation of women and their active participation in the societal development process.

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