2. Conception and Implementation of Projects

2.1 Types of Projects

Three types of projects are discernible in contemporary discourse:
Women-specific Projects are tailored for the most part specifically at women as a target group.
Projects with Gender-Specific Components contain measures which are directed towards women as one of several target groups.
Within Integrated Women's Projects women receive and benefit from measures to the same degree as other societal groups, i.e. equal to other groups.
Insufficient knowledge as to the meaning of the expression "Integrated Promotion of women" has often led to the false assumption, that the mere participation of women within projects is a clear demonstration of integrated womens' promotion. The danger of this assumption lies in the possibility that women's issues would only be indirectly taken into consideration, when at all.
Integrated promotion of women requires that gender relations are taken into account while a new program is being created. The expression "gender" takes its starting point from the observation that gender roles are, to a great extent, a product of a learning process, of socialization, which is also influenced by class, ethnicity, age, religion, and historical factors. In order to ensure that the special situation of women and existing gender inequality are sufficiently taken into consideration in the planning and implementation of projects, women must be classified as an individual target-group to ensure real integrated womens' promotion.
According to the definition of promotion of women, whereby the socio-political framework conditions for women should be improved, women should be able to benefit fully from their contribution to the development of their countries.
In order to select the most effective means to minimize discrimination against women, it is necessary to analyze the political environment in which projects are to be instituted, i.e. the degree of democratization, acceptance for formal equality, the existence of lobbies, and so forth.
In addition to the setting of independent overarching goals for the advancement of women, the consideration of women's issues in all aspects of project work should be an objective. The commitment of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation cannot be demonstrated through sporadic measures - it must be clearly demonstrated by the implementation of every project that womens' promotion is a primary goal.

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