1.1 Socio-Political Consultation

A number of objectives are considered within a program of socio-political consultation, in cooperation with partner organizations representing a wide societal spectrum. There are many starting points for womens' promotion, common to all fields of activity:

One pre-requisite for the successful implementation of promotion of women is the existence of efficient and powerful lobbying structures in the interests of women. Women should receive support in their efforts to organize - but also assistence to existing organizations can be a great contribution towards the creation of effective "pressure groups."
Male dialogue partners, who are mainly represented in partner organizations, must be prepared to recognize the problems women face, as a further precondition for a successful advancement of women. Awareness of gender inequality can be enhanced by gender-awareness counseling, workshops, or other measures. At the same time, cooperation with personnel who demonstrate a special commitment to improving the status of women should be intensified.
Consultation with a view to institutionalization through, for example:
- organizational modifications such as the creation of departments dealing specifically with women's issues
- amendments to statutes which would guarantee a proportional representation of women through measures such a quotas.
Issue-oriented project activities for gender policy: by discussing contemporary topics, such as the preparatory process for the World Women's Conference in 1995 or the possible realization of its resolutions, a variety of aspects regarding the advancement of women can be touched upon. In addition to providing an introduction to the general problems, it is also possible to identify additional project partners who are already active in the field. The discussion of women's issues in civil society or with political decision-makers also raises sensitivity and awareness.

Training and further training for female members of relevant institutions should be made more available, as well as special seminars for this target group.
Special further training programs for female decision-makers would help women better their career qualifications and leadership qualities.

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