Socio-political activities in Asia and the Pacific

Less developed regions in Asia need an accelerated economic and social development; fast growing economies and communist countries need reforms.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation contributes towards these developments to strengthen democratic and pluralistic structures and to promote social and ecological reforms.

The support of a dialogue between social groups is as important as the exchange between political groups in Asia and European democratic organisations.

Recent activities include:

the promotion of socio-political dialogue and the intensification of regional cooperation in South-East Asia (SAARC);
sponsorship of expert debate on questions of financial, monetary, social, and employment policy (Korea);
contributions to the discussion on basic economic policy questions and the development of social security systems (China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia);
dissemination of information on the principles of economic policy in a social market economy (China, Vietnam, and Mongolia);
discussion of the principles of democratic social policy (Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, and Cambodia);
assistance in the development of an environmental policy (India and China).

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Asia and the Pacific:

Programs in 19 countries;
22 representatives in 14 countries
117 local staff members in 16 offices of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation
Expenditures totaling DM 24 million (1996)

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