Fotos im Wechsel, die die Arbeitsbereiche Frauen - Männer - Gender, Jugend, Familie, Demokratie und Partizipation und Antidiskriminierung illustrieren.
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Gender Newsletter No.  5


The armed conflict in Syria and its disproportionate effect on women
Author: LAILA ALODAAT; Copy-editing: JAMIE HYATT.

„Every side in the war has its own way of torturing women“
Questions asked by SUSAN JAVAD, FES Berlin; Assisted by: FRIEDERIKE STOLLEIS, FES Berlin
Translated from the Arabic by LARISSA BENDER

In the shadow of the storm: Cameroon‘s women step-up against violence
Author: SUSAN BAMUH APARA, FES Kamerun; Contribution: SUSANNE STOLLREITER, FES Kamerun; Copy-editing: JAMIE HYATT

Democratic Republic of Congo: A society out of control

„Then just lock yourself in“ – female refugees in Germany

„You‘re never safe in Somalia“


Demography as a battle cry
Author: SUSAN JAVAD, FES Berlin; Contributions from ESZTER KOVÁTS, FES Budapest, DR SABINE FANDRYCH, FES Baden-Württemberg, EVA NAGLER, FES Thüringen

Not being online is no longer possible
Author: EVA ELLEREIT, FES Berlin; Contributions by EVA NAGLER, FES Thüringen

To the very top? Women in management positions
Author: SUSAN JAVAD, FES Berlin; Contributions from JEANETTE RUSSBÜLT, FES office in North Rine-Westphalia and DR SABINE FANDRYCH, FES office in Baden-Württemberg

The future of gender equality: Negotiate internationally, be active locally
Author: EVA ELLEREIT, FES Berlin; Contributions from DR CÄCILIE SCHILDBERG, FES Berlin and FRIEDERIKE KAMM, FES Brussels

What we want …
Author: SUSAN JAVAD, FES Berlin; Contributions from: DR SABINE FANDRYCH, FES office in Baden-Württemberg, KATHARINA SMEJKALOVA, FES Prag, ESZTER KOVÁTS, FES Budapest

Still a taboo: Homosexuality in Turkey
Author: SUSAN JAVAD, FES Berlin; Contributions from: ALEXANDER GEIGER, FES Istanbul

A question of equal pay!
Author: JONATHAN MENGE, FES Berlin; Contributions from: EVA NAGLER, FES Thüringen and FRANZISKA SCHRÖTER, FES Niedersachsen



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