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16.11.2017 | Klima und Nachhaltigkeit, Globale Politik | News

African Countries Draw Red Lines In The Bonn Climate Change Negotiations

African countries came to Bonn, Germany for the 23rd session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change...

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08.11.2017 | Fluchtursachen, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit, Globale Politik | News

“Everything was taken by that storm”

How does the debate on climate related "loss & damage" influence COP23?

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07.11.2017 | Globale Politik, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | News

From the Beach into the Mine: Which Path will Lead to a Just, Global Energy Transformation?

20 climate experts from eleven nations went on a quest in the Ruhr Area to find the path to a just, global energy transformation. In the run-up to the...

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01.11.2017 | Globale Politik, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | News

COP23: What's at Stake in Bonn?

The climate conference needs to establish a "Rulebook" on implementing the Paris Agreement - within a complex political context.

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30.10.2017 | Globale Politik, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | News

Ready for Climate Negotiations

With events and workshops, FES Vietnam and FES Jordan prepared trade unions, activists and young leaders for COP 23.

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| Globale Politik, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | Publikation

Future energy policy in Southern Africa

New FES broschure looks into energy crisis and climate change, and how trade unions could increase their

policy-shaping influence

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20.09.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | News

New York Declaration on Refugees: A One-Year Report Card

Policy expert Jeff Crisp examines the four key objectives as well as obstacles of the 2016 UN Refugee Response Framework agreed in New York.

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| Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | Publikation

EU – still a force for progress?

In a time of diplomatic dysfunction, can Europe advance climate action by example and collaboration?

by Manuela Mattheß

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23.08.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | Publikation

A Right to Life Prospects

Refugees are human beings - refugee work must take this into account. Ulrike Krause's study is now available in English.

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14.08.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | News

“When I Picture My Future, I See Nothing”

Syrian refugees' life in Turkey. A brief outline of the most important challenges.

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