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12.07.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen, Politik für Europa – 2017plus | Publikation

Causes of Flight »Made in Europe«

Edited volume on European policy and its relationship with migration and flight now available in English and Spanish.

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07.07.2017 | Globale Politik, Entwicklungspolitik | News, Publikation

Civil society groups reclaim policies for the public

Global report assesses how privatization and corporate capture have become obstacles to progress under the 2030 Agenda

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05.07.2017 | Globale Politik, Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | Rückblicke

Energy of the Future: Sustainable and Socially Fair

At the International Student Energy Summit 2017, the FES puts “Just Transition” on the agenda

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Friday, 07.07.17 15:00 bis Friday, 07.07.17 21:30 - GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Düsternstr. 10, Hamburg | Globale Politik, Globale Politik | Veranstaltung, News

We need to talk: Debt20 meets G20

During the Summit, representatives from indebted countries meet with the G20 to discuss strategies on how to deal with debt crises.

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Global Reflection Group "Monopoly on the Use of Force 2.0?" | Globale Politik, Frieden und Sicherheit | Publikation

Providing Security in Times of Uncertainty

FES Reflection Group launches final report on monopoly on the use of force in the 21st Century.

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22.06.2017 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen, Globale Politik | Veranstaltung

A Critical Time for the Future of Migrant Rights

How the People’s Global Action on Migration, Development and Human Rights strengthens Migrant Rights Movements from the Local to the Global

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Thomas Hirsch | Klima und Nachhaltigkeit | Publikation

Ambition, Participation and Effectiveness

New study lays out how NDC-partnership may promote ambition, participation and effectiveness during the implementation process of Nationally...

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Monday, 20.03.17 18:30 bis Monday, 20.03.17 20:00 - Berlin | Frieden und Sicherheit, Globale Politik | Veranstaltung, Rückblicke

Arms Exports: Germany's and Europe's Global Responsibility

Regulations on who and under which terms military weapons deals may be authorized differ between European states. Greater transparency is therefore a...

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20.12.2016 | Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | News

Between Tent Camps, Exploitation and Educational Initiatives

Syrian refugees in Lebanon often live in tent camps, with no official refugee status. NGOs, government and donors are advocating for education.

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14.11.2016 | Globale Politik, Flucht, Migration, Integration, Fluchtursachen | Publikation, News

Yearning for Dignity and Security

More and more people are leaving Latin America, most for the US. The FES is dedicating a new publication series to this phenomenon.

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