The World at the Turn of the Millenium

Perspectives From Ten Countries





Matthew Hassan Kukah

Nigeria: Reversing the Tide of Decline (6)

Mohamed El Sayed Said

Egypt: The Dialectics of State Security and Social Decay (13)

Jose Dirceu

Brazil: The Predicament of Dependency, Stagnation and Social Disintegration (7)

Héctor Aguilar Camín

Mexico: Half Way There (8)

Muchkund Dubey:

India: Outstanding Achievements and Dismal Failures (11)

Mao Yihong

China: Set to Advance Beyond Technocratic Semi-modernization (8)

Nikolai Shmelev

Russia: The Emerging Consensus on National Reconstruction (11)

Kenichi Mishima

Japan: Locked in the Discourse of National Uniqueness? (9)

Michael Ehrke:

Germany: United, Rich, Unhappy (11)

Charles Sabel:

USA: Economic Revival and the Prospect of Democratic Renewal (15)