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International Politics and Society 1/2001

Reading Tips:


Development and Change


Guy Standing: Brave New Words? A Critique of Stiglitz’s World Bank Rethink (September 2000)


Development Policy Review


Jae-jin Yang: The Rise of the Korean Welfare State amid Economic Crisis, 1997-99: Implications for the Globalisation Debate (September 2000)


Foreign Affairs


Samuel Berger: A Foreign Policy for the Global Age (November/December 2000)


Foreign Policy


Robert Wright: Will Globalization Make You Happy? (September/October 2000)


Martin Wolf: After the Crash (September/October 2000)


German Politics


Hanns W. Maull: German Foreign Policy, Post-Kosovo: Still a ‘Civilian Power’? (August 2000)


Charles Lees: Reconstituting European Social Democracy: Germany’s Pivotal Role (August 2000)


Harvard Business Review


Pankaj Ghemawat / Fariborz Ghadar: The Dubious Logic of Global Megamergers (July-August 2000)


International Labour Review


Special issue: Social Policy and Social Protection (2000/2)


International Organization


Special issue: Legalization and World Politics (Summer 2000)


International Security


Bradley A. Thayer: Bringing in Darwin: Evolutionary Theory, Realism, and International Politics (Fall 2000)


Journal of Democracy


Symposium (3 articles): Comparing East Asia and Latin America (October 2000)


Journal of Latin American Studies


Francisco Panizza: Beyond ‘Delegative Democracy’: ‘Old Politics’ and ‘New Economics’ in Latin America (October 2000)


Latin American Perspectives


Special Issue: Brazil in the Aftershock of Neoliberalism (November 2000)


New Perspectives Quarterly


Pierre Sané: Bombing on Behalf of Human Rights? (Fall 2000)


Political Studies


Ian Holliday: Productivist Welfare Capitalism: Social Policy in East Asia (September 2000)


Politics & Society


Frances Fox Piven / Richard A. Cloward: Power Repertoires and Globalization (September 2000)


Washington Quarterly


Jonathan Marcus: Exorcising Europe’s Demons: a Far-Right Resorgence? (Autumn 2000)


The World and I


Gregory R. Beabout: The World at 2000 (October 2000)


World Economics


Barry Eichengreen: The International Economic System in the Twentieth Century. An interview with Barry Eichengreen (July-September 2000)


Dennis Anderson: Technical Progress and Global Warming. The case for a technology policy (July-September 2000)


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