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Our Team

Department administration
Jochen Steinhilber, Head of Department

Head of Department

Jochen Steinhilber

Jochen Steinhilber has been head of the Global Policy and Development department since 1 July 2010. He is the contact person with regard to fundamental international policy issues. As a political scientist he has wide experience in the areas of Global Political Economics, Development Policy and Trade Unions. Previously, he headed the FES office in São Paulo from 2007 to 2010 and the scenario project »Compass 2020 - Germany in International Relations«.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7410
Mail Jochen.Steinhilber[at]fes.de


Julia Kühne

Departmental secretary / Internships / URANIA series

Julia Kühne

Julia Kühne manages the departmental secretariat. In addition, she is contact person for internship applications and organizes the URANIA series events.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7510
Mail Julia.Kuehne[at]fes.de


Working Lines/Focal Issues

Climate Change and Energy Policy

Manuela Mattheß

Manuela Mattheß is contact person for issues related to international climate change and energy policy in the department's Globalisation project. She is also responsible for the FES Sustainability Portal. Previously, she worked at the FES office in Dakar, Senegal. She has a degree in political science.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7408
Mail Manuela.Matthess[at]fes.de

Frederike Boll

Development Policy / Business and Human Rights

Frederike Boll

Frederike Boll is responsible for topics related to development policy, including Decent Work Globally and Business and Human Rights. Prior to this, she worked as a trainee in the FES Global Trade Union Project. Frederike holds degrees in political sciences, psychology and communication studies from the University of Münster and from Science Po Toulouse.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7469
Mail Frederike.Boll[at]fes.de


Alexander Geiger

Disarmament and International Trade Policies

Alexander Geiger

Alexander Geiger is contact person for all issues regarding disarmament/non-proliferation. He furthermore coordinates the activities on international trade policies as well as the Dialogue on Globalization publication series. Prior to this, he worked at the FES offices in Brussels, Hanoi and Istanbul. Alexander holds a master degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Magdeburg.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7509
Mail Alexander.Geiger[at]fes.de



Catrina Schläger

Evaluation and Quality Management

Catrina Schläger and Julia Müller

Catrina Schläger and Julia Müller are contact persons for evaluation and quality management in the Dept for International Cooperation at FES.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7413 (C. Schläger); -7463 (J. Müller)
Mail Catrina.Schlaeger[at]fes.de; Julia.Mueller[at]fes.de


Cäcilie Schildberg

Gender / Global Social Justice

Dr. Cäcilie Schildberg

Cäcilie Schildberg coordinates the Gender-Equal Approaches to Globalisation project. She also works on the issue of Global Social Justice and is responsible for the corresponding internet portal. Prior to this, she worked as an assistant in the FES Argentina office and conducted the European Seminars of the Academy for Social Democracy. Cäcilie Schildberg studied history, political sciences and romance studies at Ruhr-University Bochum and did her doctorate on a European policy subject.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7461
Mail Caecilie.Schildberg[at]fes.de

Global Peace and Security Policy

Bodo Schulze

Bodo Schulze is the interim coordinator of the Global Peace and Security Policy working line. Previously, he represented the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as delegated team member in the Peace Development group (Friedensentwicklung or FriEnt) and worked with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in countries such as Nepal. He studied geography, political science and ethnology at Hamburg University.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7409
Mail Bodo.Schulze[at]fes.de

Thomas Mättig

Globalisation / Democracy Building

Thomas Mättig

Thomas Mättig heads the project Dialogue on Globalisation at FES Berlin. His work focuses on the areas of International Economic, Labour and Social Policy. Furthermore, he coordinates the work on Democracy Promotion. From 2009 to 2013 he was FES Country Director in Nigeria and prior to this Project Manager at the FES Ethiopia office. Thomas Mättig studied Political Science and International Relations in Munich and Monterey, California.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7415
Mail Thomas.Maettig[at]fes.de


Mirko Herberg

International Trade Union Policy

Mirko Herberg

Mirko Herberg is the coordinator of the Global Trade Union Project. He coordinates the activities of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation with the international trade union movement and in industrial relations. Furthermore, he represents FES in different working groups on social and labor standards. Previously, Mirko Herberg was the Resident Director of the FES Office Cameroon/Central Africa from 2010-2013 and of FES Philippine Office from 2005-2010, after having served as Junior Project Manager in Vietnam from 2003-2005. He holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science, Economics and Sociology of the University of Freiburg and completed the postgraduate program at the German Development Institute.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7458
Mail Mirko.Herberg[at]fes.de

Felix Braunsdorf

Migration and Development

Felix Braunsdorf

Felix Braunsdorf is responsible for topics related to migration and development, including the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. Previously, he served as a consultant with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Africa. Felix Braunsdorf studied administrative science, political science and communication science in Dresden and Potsdam.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7462
Mail Felix.Braunsdorf[at]fes.de

Political Feminism & Overarching Tasks

Kathrin Meißner

Kathrin Meißner coordinates the project Political Feminism and works on organisational development in the division of International Development Cooperation. She was Resident Director of the FES offices in Zimbabwe (2009-2013) and Ghana (2006-2009), and worked in the Israel office (2005-2006). She studied sociology in Bielefeld, Paris and Madrid and completed the Postgraduade Training Programme of DIE (German Development Institute).

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7425
Mail Kathrin.Meissner[at]fes.de

Event Organisation
Blanka Balfer

International Trade Union Policy

Blanka Balfer

Blanka Balfer organises international conferences and seminars in the area of the Global Trade Union Project. She also is resonsible for IPG publications and the project's website.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7493
Mail Blanka.Balfer[at]fes.de

Zina Arvanitidou

Climate and Energy Policy

Zina Arvanitidou

Zina Arvanitidou is responsible for public relations, budget and organizational tasks concerning Climate and Energy Policy and for maintaining the FES Sustainability-Portal. She is a communications manager (MUP) by training.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7474
Mail Zina.Arvanitidou[at]fes.de


Climate and Energy Policy

Christiane Heun

Christiane Heun organises international conferences and seminars in the area of International Energy and Climate Policy and manages the department's publications.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7407
Mail Christiane.Heun[at]fes.de


Katrien Klüver

Globalisation / Compass 2020 / Human Rights

Katrien Klüver

Katrien Klüver is responsible, within the framework of the Globalisation project, for organising international conferences and seminars. In addition, she is responsible for publication management for the Compass 2020 series and contact person for inquiries related to Human Rights.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7417
Mail Katrien.Kluever[at]fes.de

Susanne Böhme

Global Social Justice / Gender

Susanne Böhme

Susanne Böhme is responsible for organising international conferences and seminars in the areas of Global Peace and Security Policy and Disarmament and International Trade Policies.

Tel. ++49(0)30 / 269 35-7416
Mail Susanne.Böhme[at]fes.de

Business & Human Rights/ Migration & Development

Lena Schill

Lena Schill organises international conferences and seminares on Business and Human Rights as well as on Migration and Development.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7498
Mail Lena.Schill[at]fes.de




Evaluation and Quality Management

Maria de la Calle

Maria de la Calle is responsible for organisational matters in the area Evaluation and Quality Management.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7404
Mail Maria.delaCalle[at]fes.de



Karolina Pereira

Departmental Budget and Dialogue on Globalization

Karolina Pereira

Karolina Pereira is responsible for all financial aspects of the departmental budget as well as for the finances of the Dialogue on Globalization project, including those of the FES offices in Geneva and New York.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7480
Mail Karolina.Pereira[at]fes.de

Birgit Neppl

Global Trade Union Project / Global Energy and Climate Policy

Birgit Neppl

Birgit Neppl manages all finances related to the FES Global Trade Union Project.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7460
Mail Birgit.Neppl[at]fes.de


Key Tasks

Internet and Public Relations

Monika Schneider

Monika Schneider is contact person in the area of public relations, as well as supervising the internet presence of the Global Policy and Development department, including the internet portal Dialogue on Globalisation.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7418
Mail Monika.Schneider[at]fes.de

Internet and Public Relations

Daniela Turß

Daniela Turß is contact person in the area of public relations. She is also supervising the internet presence of the Global Policy and Development department, including the internet portal Dialogue on Globalisation.

Tel. ++49(0)30 /269 35-7439
Mail Daniela.Turss[at]fes.de

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