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The Political Dimension of Globalisation

Political and social goals have long been out of reach of purely national solutions under conditions of globalisation. In order to counteract the loss of political control at the national level national policy-making needs to be complemented by an international and transnational dimension. The FES took up this challenge at the end of the 1990s by establishing the area of activity "Shaping globalisation in terms of democracy and the social dimension". The key task of this area of activity is to assess the options for shaping globalisation politically and fostering international dialogue on specific political projects related to shaping globalisation in terms of democracy and the social dimension. Information on current projects in this area can be found on the online services of Dialogue on Globalization Portal.

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Global Economic, Trade and Finance Policy

With globalisation, economic and social interdependencies have increased dramatically. The global financial and economic crisis of 2008/2009 has made this all too evident.

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Global Governance

With the increase in global problems the demands on the existing system of global policy have changed. A plethora of actors - not only sovereign states,...

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The Social Dimension of Globalisation

Information on our work on global social justice is available at the
Social Justice Portal

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