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FES Human Rights Award 2015 goes to Ilan Sadeh and Hasan Atamna

5 November 2015 at FES Berlin

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung’s Human Rights Award 2015 recognizes Ilan Sadeh’s and Hasan Atamna’s long-standing and persistent commitment to peace-building between and peaceful coexistence of Jews and Arabs in Israel on behalf of the seven mayors taking part in the Shared Communities initiative. The award winners work tirelessly for an accommodation of Jewish and Arab interests and for an inclusive civil society commonly shaped by Arabs and Jews. They advocate for equally respecting the civil and human rights of both groups. In Israeli society, rent by conflicts as it is, this is not to be taken for granted. Thus, it merits our utmost recognition and respect.

In Israel, participation in social cooperation projects requires courage, as there is a strong tendency in both parts of society to reject cooperation, integration and confidence-building measures. Distrust, animosities and silent or open opposition to participation in the Shared Communities Initiative are part and parcel of Ilan Sadeh’s and Hassan At-amneh’s everyday work. They nevertheless decide day-in day-out to carry on along the path they have chosen, thereby helping to bring about a better future.

The award ceremony will take place on 5 November, 2016, 16:30 h, at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Hiroshimastr. 17, 10785 Berlin.

The laudation will be held by Reinhold Robbe, Director of DIG e.V..

Further information on the program is available in theflyer.

We kindly ask you to register for this event by using our online form.

Detailed information on the FES Human Rights Award and this year's as well as previous awardees is available atwww.fes.de/themen/menschenrechtspreis.

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Events 2015
Logo Tiergarten Conference

Tiergarten Conference 2015: Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Fourth international conference on security policy in a period of global upheaval,10-11 September 2015 at FES Berlin

The FES holds its central foreign and security policy conference, the Tiergarten Conference, on September 10th and 11th, 2015. Renowned international experts will discuss »Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in a Period of Global Upheaval« during a two-day expert workshop and a public panel discussion in the evening of September 10th.

Global arms control and non-proliferation are in crisis. Disarmament and conversion have stalled and countries are rearming. The escalation of armed conflicts, such as those in Syria or Central Africa and, not least, the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis, are painful reminders of the need to step up disarmament and arms control efforts and agreements on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and of conventional weapons.

Traditional approaches to cooperative arms control and existing instruments of non-proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are no longer effective. New impulses towards disarmament and arms control are needed in the multi-polar world of the twenty-first century. The rise of China and the ambitions of old/new powers such as Brazil, India or Iran have changed the balance of power in the global security architecture.

The conference focusses on how to establish a new multilateral architecture for arms control and joint security, that is capable of mitigating the current global arms race. Furthermore, we will discuss potential solutions to new arms control challenges, such as the automation of weapons systems or the digitalisation of warfare.

For the complete program of the public panel discussion on 10 Sept., please see the leaflet.

Further information is available at the conference website.

Feminist Economics: Joan Tronto and Andrea Nahles at FES Berlin

Discussion and Reception on occassion of the IAFFE Annual Conference, 15.+16.7 at FES Berlin

During the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) Annual Conference, the FES hosted two high-ranking events.

A panel discussion on »Caring Democracy« took place on 15. July at 17:30 h. Leading feminist political scientist Joan Tronto introduced this concept and summarized why care should be at the core of democratic political life. Experts from different regions commented on her theses, including Soledad Salvador of the Interdisciplinary Center for Development Studies Uruguay and Yumiko Yamamato of the United Nations Development Program Asien-Pazifik.

During a reception on 16. July, the German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Andrea Nahles explained how solid social and labour policies can enhance gender justice - especially in times of crisis. Michael Sommer, Vice-Chairman of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, opened the event.

A summary of the panel discussion and Joan Tronto's speech by Lara Laila Gärber is available here.

70th Anniversary of the United Nations

Panel Discussion 17 June 2015, 18-20.30 h at FES Berlin

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the United Nations Association of Germany (DGVN) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) hosted a public panel discussion with internationational speakers on 17 June in Berlin, including Angela Kane, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs.

The event leaflet incl. the program is available here

- Event in cooperation with DGVN -

Events 2014
Genderteam-Treffen 2014; Foto: FES

Global Care Chains: Why should we care?

Expert Conference, 23. and 24. October 2014 at FES Berlin

Many women in Europe are only able to reconcile their carreers and their families with the support - or through the exploitation - of migrant women living and working under precarious conditions. The increasing demand for care work, the lack of public care services and of gender-sensitive social and labour policies are leading women to assume unpaid care work or to emigrate for paid care work. Destination countries may postpone the provision of egalitarian systems of public childcare and fill the gaps through migrant care workers.

These and further challenges posed by Global Care Chains were at the heart of the FES Gender Team's two-day expert conference on 23. and 24 October. Participants from Chile, the Philipines, South Africa, Uruguay, Israel, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea and Germany developed recommendations on how to tackle the global care crisis.

Mechthild Rawert, Member of the German Bundestag, summarizes the participants' positions in her report: Weltmarkt Pflege: Globale Versorgungs- und Pflegeketten.

The confernce program is available here: Program.

Während der Diskussion am 6. Oktober in Berlin: v.l.n.r.: Michael Krennerich, Pregs Govender, Conny Czymoch (Mod.), Christoph Strässer, Beate Rudolf und Tilman Evers; Foto: Stephanie Leisten

Protection of Human Rights is Indispensable. German Policy in the UN Human Rights Council

Conference and Panel Discussion, 6.10.2014 at FES Berlin

In the public discourse, Germany's international responsibility is increasingly associated with armed humanitarian operations or with arms supply. An approach based on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) is rarely discussed. Germany will face it's international responsibilities especially if it will be elected for the presidency of the UN Human Rights Council in January 2015. The expectations that might arise from this presidency were at the heart of the public panel discussion on October 6th, as well as the question how a future cooperation between Human Rights Council and Security Council might look like.

Programme of the public panel discussion

Audio Podcasts (in German)

Photo Gallery

The expert conference on 6/7 October dealt with on the challenges of the next presidency of the UN Human Rights Council. Germany is among the candidates up for election in 2015. Read the programme of the expert conferencehere.

- A cooperation between FES, German Institute for Human Rights and Forum Menschenrechte -

More Power and Decent Work! Key Elements To a Gender-Just Development Agenda

Second International Debate over the Post-2015 Agenda, 27 May 2014 in Berlin

An end to the global gender divide was one key objective set out in the Millennium Development Goals. It is apparent that this can no longer be attained, however. Women and girls still possess less power than men throughout the world, they are underrepresented in many areas – in education, decision-making positions in politics and business and on the labour market. Why is the record so bad and what needs to be done for the new development agenda to improve the situation of women and girls throughout the world?

The event report highlights our discussions on political and economic empowerment of women in the post-2015 agenda, on opportunities and barriers to a decent work-approach from an Asian perspective, on securing the livelihood of women, and on care and sustainability. Furthermore, it summarizes the input by Elke Ferner, Bundestag delegate for the SPD and State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, on equality policy in Germany and on the 58th meeting of the UN Women’s Rights Commission that took place in New York in March 2014.

The report is available here: English | German

The program including further information on the event and the speakers is available here: English | German

- Event in cooperation with Marie-Schlei-Verein e.V. -

Roundtable-Discussion während des Frient Peacebuilding Forums 2014; Photo: Konstantin Börner

New Responsibility – New Pathways? Peacebuilding in the 21st century

FriEnt Peacebuilding Forum 2014, 7.-8.5.2014 in Berlin

More than 150 German and international participants of the Forum discussed the challenges peacebuilders face in an increasingly complex world. Among the most important topics were how peacebuilding activities can come to terms with increasingly complex constellations of conflicts and actors, if today's international processes such as the Post-2015 agenda and the New Deal For Engagement in Fragile States open up new perspectives for peacebuilding, what role civil society peacebuilding initiatives can play, and which role Germany should play to do justice to it's »new external responsibility«.

Comments on central topics of the Forum are available at the Peacebuilding Forum Blog, including the article »Security Governance – Still a Touchy Issue For Peacebuilders?« by Marius-Müller Hennig, FES.

Photos are available at the gallery.

The program of the public panel discussion and further information are available at the Peacebuilding Forum Website and in the leaflet.

- Event in cooperation with FriEnt -

Logo: Berlin Sessions - Humanitarian Disarmament

Berlin Sessions: Humanitarian Disarmament

23-24 January 2014 at Umspannwerk Kreuzberg, Berlin

The Berlin Sessions gathered European NGOs for an exchange on the concepts, the challenges, and the practice of humanitarian disarmament. Representatives from Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, Handicap International, Norwegian People’s Aid, UNDP, Article 36, IKV Pax Christi and more shared their experiences and alternative approaches to the subject.

The conference was spread over two days and was organized by ican - International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Article 36 and Pax Christi.

A special evening event took place on the first day and included an interview with world renowned author Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation, Command and Control) and a concert by the renowned Berlin-based contemporary composer Burak Özdemir and his ensemble Musica Sequenza.

The detailed program is available at:

The invitiation to the evening event on 23 Jan is available at:

For further information, please go to:

- Event in cooperation with ican, Article 36 and Pax Christi -

Events 2013
v.l.n.r.: Jana Malacova, Maria Skora, Daniel Brössler (SZ, Mod.), Ilja Ponomarjow und Egon Bahr während des Podiums zu Willy Brandts Ostpolitik am 17. Dezember 2013 in der FES Berlin; Foto: Jens Jeske

To Dare more Justice - The Global Commitment of Willy Brandt

International Conference on Dezember 17, 2013 from 9:30 h in Berlin

On the 18th of December 2013 Willy Brandt would have celebrated his 100th birthday. On this occasion, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation hosted a conference looking into his accomplishments, especially during the time following the end of his chancellorship.

A photo gallery is available here.

Further information is available in the program.

To register for the event until 13.12, please use theonline registration or write an email to gerechtigkeit_wagen@fes.de.

- In cooperation with the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation -

The Future of Global Economic Governance and the IMF - Challenges and Opportunities for Europe, Emerging Economies and Developing Countries

International Expert Seminar, 4 December 2013 in Berlin

This one-day seminar addressed the shifting sands of multilateral governance and considered the role of European nations in this changing environment in looking at the current IMF quota reform process and how the challenges associated with it are symptomatic of the deep-seated changes occurring in the global economy. The global economic dynamic in the wake of the financial crisis has brought to the fore challenges to the multilateral system, in particular vis-à-vis global economic governance and the international financial architecture. We intended to shed light on how the underlying changes in the economic and political reality, which the multilateral system was designed to manage as well as to reflect, require new thinking and approaches from European nations and represent new opportunities for all states, both emerging and developed.

Further information is available in theprogram.

- Event in cooperation with Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, Bretton Woods Project und the G24 Secretariat -

Teilnehmer_innen des Abschlussworkshops; Foto: FES

Preparing the Floor: A Civil Society Roadmap to Social Protection

Final International Workshop, 27 to 28 November 2013 at FES Berlin

While the state plays a central role in the implementation of Social Protection Floors (SPF), the question remains how civil society actors can be involved in order to assure the fulfillment of the principles set out by the ILO-recommendation. In three regional workshops, one held in Cambodia, one in Morocco and one in Argentina, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in cooperation with the ILO brought together civil society actors and representatives from trade unions in order to define and discuss their roles within SPF processes. The outcomes of these workshops are a list of elements, ideas and recommendations for a future roadmap for civil society actors in supporting and implementing social protection floors in their countries.

The conference report including an outline of the Roadmap can be downloaded here: FES_Workshop_Report-A_Civil_Society_Roadmap_to_Social_Protection.pdf

Further information on the workshop is available in the program: FES-Social_Protection_Floor-Program20131127-28.pdf

Another conference report is available at Deutsche Welle in Arabic: www.dw.de

- Event in cooperation with the International Labour Organization -

zum COP 19 - Blog des FES-Nachhaltigkeits-Portals

Workshops and Side-Events during the 19. Conference of the Parties (COP 19)

11.-22. November 2013 in Warsaw, Poland

The FES accompanied the negotiations about a new UN-Climate Change Convention in Warsaw with an Offsite-Event in the premises of the FES Warsaw office, during which the newly released study »Sustainable Russia« was presented.

Additionally, the FES was represented at COP 19 by a group of young Brazilian journalists and other youth groups from Argentina, Columbia and Italy monitoring the events and on a daily basis publishing articles, pictures, videos and podcasts at Youth Press Agency, Viração Educomunicação NGO and FES Sustainability.

Gender Justice in the Global Development Agenda - Reflections on the proposed goals by the High Level Panel Report and the Report of Ban Ki Moon

Expert Discussion, 7 November from 14:00 h at FES Berlin

Representatives from Women’s and Civil Society Organisations as well as from trade unions and international Organisation will discuss about the Gender-Dimension of the Post-2015 Development Framework.

The event report is available here: PDF

The complete program is available here: PDF

- Event in cooperation with Marie-Schlei-Verein e.V. -

from left to right: FES Chairman Kurt Beck, Nenad Šebek, Managing Director of CDRSEE, and Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, during the Award Ceremony of the FES Human Rights Award 2013. Photo: Torben Geeck, 28.10.2013

FES Human Rights Award 2013: Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe

Award Ceremony on Oct. 28st, 2013

This year the Human Rights Award of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung pays tribute to the particular merits of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe (CDRSEE).

The award ceremony took place on October 28st, 2013, 16:00 h, at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Hiroshimastr. 17, 10785 Berlin. The laudation was held by Martin Schulz, MEP, President of the European Parliament.

Further information and the event's programme are available in the leaflet and at the website of the human rights award.

Screenshot des FES-youtube-Clips zum Welttag für menschenwürdige Arbeit 2013

Minimum Wage Helps: Everywhere and Everyone!

International Conference at the World Day of Decent Work, 7.10.2013 at FES Berlin

For the 6th time already, the International Trade Union Confederation is mobilizing its members to commemorate the World Day of Decent Work on October, 7th.

It is within this context that the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) jointly organize an international conference on minimum wage. The conference aims to discuss in which ways different models of minimum wage have contributed to stabilize domestic consumption in times of crisis, to curtail the low-wage sector and to reduce poverty. Practical examples from around the world are expected to increase the understanding of the impact as well as methods of adjusting the level of minimum wages.

The conference program is available here: German Version | Englishe Version

The radio feature »Debatte über Mindestlöhne« by Deutschlandradio is available at: www.dradio.de/dlf/sendungen/wirtschaftundgesellschaft/2278161

The interview »Mindestlöhne sind der richtige Weg« by Deutschen Welle with Gilbert Houngbo, Vize-President of the International Labour Organization, is available at: www.dw.de/houngbo-mindestl%C3%B6hne-sind-der-richtige-weg/a-17143567

The video feature »Mindestlohn hilft - allen und überall« is available at: youtu.be/ug9CkygtTZE

For further information and to register for the event, please go to:www.dgb.de/extra/wddw2013.

- Event in cooperation with the DGB -

Das Logo der Tiergarten Konferenz

Tiergarten Conference 2013: Global Power Shifts and Progressive Foreign Policy

Berlin, 11.06.2013

Which role can Germany play within a changing world order? Which are the options of action with regard to foreign policy? Within which alliances will future policy goals need to be obtained? And which factors are obligatory for a progressive and modern foreign policy?

Conference Website

Das Logo des Workers Youth Festivals

Workers Youth Festival 2013

Dortmund, 9.-12.05.2013

This year's Workers Youth Festival took place in Dortmund from 9-12 May 2013. Our colleagues take part and keep you updated on the events and their impressions in the FES Sustainability Blog.

Further information is available on the festival's website.

Being tough is not enough - International Conference on Organized Crime on Febr 28 - March 1, 2013 in Berlin; Foto: Konstantin Börner

Being Tough is Not Enough - Curbing Transnational Organized Crime

International Conference in Berlin, 28.02.-01.03.2013

Organized crime threatens democracy and security. During a two-day conference, experts from all over the world discussed counter-policies and -measures. A particular emphasis was put on new approaches to drug policy and the fight against money laundering as cornerstones for a strategy against organized crime.

Conference Podcasts

Photo Gallery

Conference Report


Symbol Fragile Earth

Sustainable Economy and Green Growth - Who Cares?

International Conference in Berlin, 12 Feb 2013

The conference focussed on bringing together the principles of Care and Green Economy to promote an ecological-sustainable and socially just economic model.

A podcast summarizing the discussion is available in the German multimedia section.

Program: English | German

- Event in cooperation with genanet -

A black and white word cloud of an article on the Euro Debt Crisis, taken from www.eurocrisisexplained.co.uk

The Euro Debt Crisis: Consequences for the Global Economy and Implications for Emerging Countries

International Conference in Shanghai, 21-22 January 2013

With a joint conference, the FES Shanghai Office and the Shanghai Institute for International Studies (SIIS) seeked to shed some light on the current situation in Europe, provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the Euro debt crisis and discuss the implications of different scenarios into which the crisis might develop.

Draft Program

Events 2012

Tapping the Potential of Peacekeeping Research in Germany
Issues, Approaches, Challenges

12 December 2012 at FES Berlin

A report by Urs Schrade and Christian Stock on the first joint Peacekeeping Research Workshop of FES, ZIF and DGVN is available at www.dgvn.de. (English Version starts at p. 17)

- in cooperation with DGVN -

Logo der Veranstaltung

Time For Justice!
One week of events on global justice

26-29 Nov 2012 in Berlin

At the end of November in Berlin, the second international week of justice was looking for ways to create just and good societies independent from the dictates of the markets and global competition.

Detailed information on all events is available at: fes.de/timeforjustice

Logo der Veranstaltung

What to expect from the Climate Summit in Qatar

on 6 Nov 2012 in Berlin

From 26 November to 7 December 2012, the 18. World Climate Conference takes place in Doha, Qatar. If it fails, confidence in international climate policy will further decline. Together with Brot für die Welt and Germanwatch, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung invites everyone to discuss challenges ahead and especially the developing countries' expectations.

As panelists, Dr. Bärbel Kofler, Member of the German Bundestag, Adao Soares Barbosa, LDC-chief negotiator for “Loss & Damage“ (East Timor), Wael Hmaidan, International Director of the Climate Action Network (Lebanon) and Nazmul Haque, Director of Practical Action (Bangladesh) will discuss with Thomas Hirsch, Representative of Brot für die Welt for development policy.

The complete programme is available here: Climate Protection in a Wasteland

- Event in cooperation with Brot für die Welt and Germanwatch and supported by the European Commission -

Teilnehmer_innen der Konferenz 'Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Reconsidered', 25./26.10.2012, Berlin; Photo: M. Müller-Hennig

Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Reconsidered
Challenges and Potentials at the National and International Level

25/26 Oct 2012 at FES Berlin

Participants from civil society, science and politics discussed a peacebuilding and conflict transformation strategy for Germany during the international expert conference.

Conference Report by Thilo Schöne

Publication on the subject by Katy Crossley-Frolick: German Conflict Prevention Policy - Between Modest Ambitions and Limited Resources (2012)

Report by the UN Secretary General: Peacebuilding in the Aftermath of Conflict

Papers by conference participants:
A. Ernstofer: Country Case Study Kyrgyzstan
L. Rezende: Perspective from Brazil
A. Weber: Sudan and Somalia
A. Wittkowsky: Post Conflict Interim Administration - The Case of Kosovo

Screenshot des Tagesschau-Beitrags zum Welttag für menschenwürdige Arbeit vom 07.10.2012

Conference on the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work

on 7 Oct 2012 in Berlin

At the World Day for Decent Work, the FES and The Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) conducted a conference on attacks on human and trade unions' rights.

A German News Report is available atTagesschau.de (starting at min 4:48).

Further information and the program are available at: www.dgb.de/wddw
There, you can also download a conference reader with information on discussion fora and expert participants.

- Event in cooperation with The Confederation of German Trade Unions -

Logo der Veranstaltung

Challenges in Implementing Social Protection Floors

With a public discussion and an expert conference, FES and ILO want to pick up the political momentum which arises from the adoption of the autonomous Recommendation. Among others, Isabel Ortiz, Associate Director Policy and Strategy, UNICEF, Michael Sommer, President, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Annette Niederfranke, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, will discuss the challenges of implementing SPFs. Conny Czymoch, Phoenix, moderates the discussion.

Further information is available at the im discussion's leaflet and in the conference programm.

1. Tiergarten-Konferenz am 13.09.2012 in Berlin; v.l.n.r.: Judy Dempsey, Prof. Jin Canrong, Hon. Kevin Rudd, Julianne Smith, Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, Dr. h.c. Gernot Erler; Foto: Konstantin Börner

A Fundamental Geostrategic Shift?
Consequences of US rebalancing towards the Asia-Pacific region for regional and global security policy

Expert Conference and Public Panel Discussion on 13 Sept 2012 in Berlin

The first Tiergarten Conference assess the significance of the supposed shift of US security policy for global peace and security governance.

During the public panel discussion, the issue will be discussed with particular regard to consequences for German and European Foreign and Security Policy by Julianne Smith, Deputy National Security Advisor to US Vice President Joseph Biden, Prof. Jin Canrong, School of International Studies, Renmin University Beijing, Dr. Kurt M. Campbell [invited], Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Dr. Gernot Erler, Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Head of SPD Parliamentary Faction and Hon. Kevin Rudd, Member of Parliament, Australia.

Summary of the event by Niels Annen and Marius Müller-Hennig: Conference Report

Comment by the facilitator Judy Dempsey, New York Times Senior Correspondent for Europe: »The Other China«

Report by Julian Junk: Pazifik anstatt Atlantik? Zur asiatisch-pazifischen Ergänzung der US Sicherheitspolitik

Interview with Kevin Rudd on Climate Policy: Video im FES-Youtube-Kanal

Pictures of the event can be found in the photo gallery.

For the complete program of the public event, please see the leaflet.

Further information on the expert conference is available at www.tiergarten-conference.org.

Podiumsdiskussion anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des UNCTAD Trade and Development Reports 2012 am 12.09.2012 in der FES Berlin; v.l.n.r.: Prof. Dr. Gustav A. Horn, Dr. Detlef Kotte, Petra Pinzler, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Rainer Falk; Photo: Jens Schicke

Inequality as a Global Economic Problem

Panel Discussion on 12 Sept 2012 at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin

On the occasion of the release of the UNCTAD Trade and Development Report 2012, we will ask if, how and with what kind of reforms economic progress and a reduction of inequality can be positively linked.

After a short presentation of the report by Dr. Detlef Kotte, head of the UNCTAD project team, the issues will be discussed by Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, MP, former Federal Minister, Prof. Dr. Gustav A. Horn, scientific director of Hans Böckler Foundation's Macroeconomic Policy Institute, and Rainer Falk, freelance author and publisher of World Economy and Development in brief.

For details of the program, please see the leaflet.

Pictures of the event can be found in the photo gallery.

- Event in cooperation with the United Nations Association of Germany -

Podiumsdiskussion 'Global - Sozial - Gerecht' am 29. August 2012 in Berlin; v.l.n.r.: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Petra Pinzler, Andreas Fischer-Lescano; Photo: Michael Ebner

Social Rights in a Global Society

Panel Discussion at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Berlin

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, chairman of the SPD's parliamentary group in the Bundestag and Andreas Fischer-Lescano, professor of public law at Bremen University, discussed how to effectively advocate for transnational social rights, that are just beginning to be codified.

A German podcast summarizes the event:

You can also download the audio file.

For pictures of the event, please see the photo gallery.

For the complete program, please see the leaflet.

Während der Diskusion zu Menschenrechten und Realpolitik am 6. Juni in der FES Berlin, v.l.n.r.: Bernd Pickert (taz), Beate Rudolf (DIMR), S.E. Everton Vieira Vargas (Botschafter Brasilien), Joanna Weschler (SCR), Michael Freiherr von Ungern-Sternberg (AA) und Journalist Andreas Zumach; Foto: Jens Schicke

Between Human Rights and Realpolitik?

The UNSC’s Limits and Scopes of Action

Expert conference and public panel discussion about the UN Security Council's human rights record on 6June 2012 at the German Institute for Human Rights and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Berlin.

English interviews with UNSC observers are available in the multimedia section.

Final report by Marius Müller-Hennig and Peter Litschke: "The Role of the UN Security Council in Protecting Human Rights: Prospects and Challanges"

Event Report on the website of the German Institute for Human Rights.

Picture Gallery

Program of the public event

- in cooperation with the German Institute for Human Rights -

Nachhaltigkeit RE-LOADED? Podiumsdiskussion am 5.6.2012 in der Kalkscheune in Berlin, v.l.n.r.: Vandana Shiva, Moderator Wolf-Christian Ulrich, Sigmar Gabriel und Chico Whitaker

Sustainability RE-LOADED?

In the run-up to Rio+20

The panel Discussion about new development models and the upcoming Rio+20 summit took place on 5 June 2012 in Berlin.

Video interviews and a German audio feature summarizing the discussion and the main statements is available here.

The event report by Judith Althaus can be found at the Fortschrittsforum.

The event's program is available here

A picture gallery of the public panel discussion is available here.

Video interviews with Hauwa Mustapha, Vandana Shiva and Chico Whitaker will be published here shortly.

- Event in cooperation with Oxfam Germany -

Teilnehmer des FES-Workshops auf dem McPlanet Kongress in der TU Berlin am 21.04.2012; Foto: FES

Capitalism: Black spot on a Green Economy?

Workshop during McPlanet.com, 21 April 2012

The TU Berlin hosted the McPlanet.com Congress to provide an international platform to debate globalization, sustainability and global justice.

Further information on the workshop at mcplanet.com (German)

Report by Judith Althaus, FES


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Events 2011
Slim Amamou and Zahraa Kassem in Berlin with laudator Joachim Gauck and FES CEO Roland Schmidt; Photo: Jens Schicke

FES Human Rights Award 2011 for Slim Amamou and Khaled Mohamed Said (1982-2010)

Award Ceremony and panel discussion on 19 September 2011

The laudation was held by Dr. Joachim Gauck; for the late Khaled Said, his sister Zahraa accepted the award and took part in the discussion.

Read more on the Human Rights Award website

Listen to our interviews with the awardees

Videos of the event and the laudation by Joachim Gauck

During the FES workshop “New horizons and old problems for UN Peacekeeping” in Berlin on July 7, 2011; Photo: FES

New horizons and old problems for UN Peacekeeping

Expert conference and public panel discussion on 7 July 2011

On July 7, 2011, international experts debated in three panels (one of them public) about the progress of the New Horizon initiative, launched by DPKO and DFS in 2009.

First Insights summarized by Christian Stock

Listen to our podcast and interview with the experts

Programme    and Conference Report

The president of the United Nations General Assembly Dr. Joseph Deiss on April 6th, 2011 at the FES in Berlin; Photo: Jens Schicke

The United Nations and the G20: Competition, Cooperation or Convergence?

Public panel discussion with United Nations General Assembly President Dr. Joseph Deiss on 6 April 2011 at FES Berlin


Look at the picture gallery


Navanethem Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights during her keynote address at FES on February 24, 2011; Photo: Robert Máté

25 Years of the Right to Development

Public Panel Discussion and expert conference on 24-25 February 2011
Highlight of the public event on the 24th honouring the 25th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Right to Development was the keynote address of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Madame Navanethem Pillay.


watch YouTube film with the hightlights of both keynote and discussion

Visitors at the FES stall on the WSF grounds on February 7, 2011; Photo: FES

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at the 10th World Social Forum

Series of workshops at the WSF in Dakar during 6-11 February 2011
FES activities in Dakar provided a platform for dialogue between representatives from trade unions, NGOs, and other organizations and members of civil society taking part in the WSF.


see YouTube film and further pictures and information on our WSF activities

A sequence of the Sukuma Award winning spot, shot in a swet shop in Mumbai; Photo: SUKUMA

Labour and Human Rights as a voluntary commitment?
Potentials and limits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Public Panel Discussion on 3 February 2011 at the TU Berlin

Bringing the garment industry into focus clearly showed potentials and limits of CSR. On the occasion of the 2nd Sukuma Millennium Award we discussed labour standards in the garment industry with experts from Asia and Germany.


Learn more about labour standards in Asian garment industry (in German)

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Events 2010
During the discussion on 16-12 at FES, from left to right: Angelika Spelten, Andreas Zumach, Edelgard Bulmahn and Hans-Georg Ehrhart; Photo: FES

The Future of German and European Peace Policy

Public Panel Discussion on 16 Dezember 2010 in Berlin

On December 16, Angelika Spelten, Dr. Hans-Georg Ehrhart and Edelgard Bulmahn MoP discussed The Future of German and European Peace Policy.together with Andreas Zumach, taz. The podcast we produced in this context summarizes the most important statements with additional information on the recent developments in German - and European - Peace Policy.


Anke Fuchs, President of FES, with awardee Marcelina Bautista Bautista and Head of DGB and laudation-giver Michael Sommer; Photo: Urban

Award Ceremony & Discussion: FES Human Rights Award for Marcelina Bautista Bautista

On December 2nd, 2010, the FES honoured Marcelina Bautista Bautista from Mexico, General Secretary of the Confederation of Domestic Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean and director of the advisory centre for domestic workers in Mexico (CACEH) for her outstanding work.

Programme and further informationen here

Listen to the interview with Marcelina Bautista Bautista (in Spanish)

Die Gäste aus Bangladesh beim Besuch in Deutschland; Foto: CCC

Trust is good, control is better: Why politics has to watch the international textile industry

Public discussion on 10 November 2010 at ver.di in Berlin
Part of a series of events throughout Germany using the example of Bangladesh to give an insight into the appalling working conditions of the global textile industry.

Programme and further informationen here

During the discussion on 10 November 2010 at FES Berlin; Photo: inforadio

Feeling the pulse of our time or just outdated:
Trade unions and global social justice

Public discussion on 10 November 2010 in Berlin. The discussion was part of the series SOCIAL - GLOBAL - JUST by FES and inforadio and was recorded and broadcast within the weekly "Forum"programme of rbb inforadio.


go to the Forum website of rbb inforadio

During the discussion FES Berlin; Photo: Jens Schicke

Women Making the Global Economy: The Way Ahead to More Stability

Lectures and public discussion on 27 October 2010 in Berlin


Read an article about the conference and this topic

Look at the picture gallery from the conference


Tagung des Menschenrechtsrates in Genf im September 2009; Foto: copyright UN Photo

The Human Rights Council's Performance to-date:
A Civil Society Perspective on Priorities for the Review 2011

International Conference, October 14/15 , 2010 in Berlin


Access for participants of the international conference

Während der Diskussion, v.l.n.r.: Christian Wagner, SWP, Prof. Chun Ding (Fudan University Shanghai), Sabine Porn (inforadio) und Prof. Dr. Christoph Zöpel, Staatsminister im Auswärtigen Amt a.D.; Foto: Jens Schicke

Social security for billions - how China and India secure their population

Public Panel Discussion, September 16, 2010 in Berlin
The discussion was part of the series SOCIAL - GLOBAL - JUST by FES and inforadio and was recorded and broadcast within the weekly "Forum"programme of rbb inforadio.


go to Forum website of rbb inforadio

Link zur Videobotschaft von Dr. Peter Wittig, deutscher Botschafter bei den Vereinten Nationen in New York

Peacebuilding Worldwide:
Millennium Development Goals as a UN key issue

Public Panel Discussion, September 15, 2010 in Bonn

zur Website von FriEnt zur Website Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst

Event in cooperation with FriEnt and
Church Development Service (EED)

Programme and more informations on the FriEnt-Website

Watch the YouTube-Video with ambassador Dr. Peter Wittig from New York

Eines der acht UN-Millenium-Entwicklungsziele lautet 'Grundbildung für alle'; Foto: © UNICEF

Broken promises - will the Millennium Goal „Basic Education for all“ fail by lack of finance?

Public Panel Discussion, September 8, 2010 in Berlin

zur Website von UNICEF zur Website der Global Campaign for Education (Deutsche Sektion der Globalen Bildungskampagne)

Event in cooperation with UNICEF and
the Global Campaign for Education.


GLOBAL - SOZIAL - GERECHT: die neue Reihe der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung und Inforadio

"New Development Policy?!" - Perspectives of the MDG+10 Summit

Public Panel Discussion, September 7, 2010 in Bonn

Podcast and interview with Eveline Herfkens

GLOBAL - SOZIAL - GERECHT: die neue Reihe der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung und Inforadio

The new discussion series of FES and inforadio: SOCIAL – GLOBAL – JUST:
Social justice for us, charity for the rest?

Kick-off session: Public discussion on July 7, 2010 in Berlin

The discussion was the first part of the series SOCIAL - GLOBAL - JUST by FES and inforadio and was recorded and broadcast within the weekly "Forum"programme of rbb inforadio.
Go to "Forum" website of rbb inforadio.

Außenminister des Königreiches Norwegen, Jonas G. StAußenminister des Königreiches Norwegen, Jonas G. Støre

The Future of Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century

Public Lecture and Panel Discussion, June 22, 2010 in Berlin

Watch the picture gallery

go to Podcast and interview

v.l.n.r.: José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs (ILO), Dr. Peter Struck (stv. Vorsitzender FES) und Michael Sommer (DGB-Vorsitzender); Foto: © Robert Maté

Employment in times of crisis

Link zur International Labour Organization (ILO)

International Conference, May 6, 2010 in Berlin in cooperation with International Labour Organization (ILO)

Conference report

v.l.n.r.: Prof. Christoph Paulus, HU Berlin, Brechtje Paardekooper, Außenministerium der Niederlande, Hubert René Schillinger, FES; Foto: © Jens Schicke

Networking Conference on Orderly and Fair Debt Workout Mechanisms

zur Internetseite von erlassjahr

Conference, April 12/13, 2010 in Berlin

(in Cooperation with erlassjahr)


v.l.n.r.: Dr. Louis Emmerij (UNHIP), Prof. Dr. Nico Schrijver (Uni Leden), Dagmar Dehmer (Der Tagesspiegel), Dr. Volker Hauffund IASS Gründungsdirektor Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer,  ; Foto: © Jens Schicke

The United Nations and sustainable development -
from the concept to today's policies

Panel Discussion, March 16, 2010 in Berlin
in Cooperation with the United Nations Assiciation of Germany (DGVN)

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Events 2009
v.l.n.r.: Noloyiso Ntamenthlo, Nonkosi Khumalo, Vorsitzende von TAC und Anke Fuchs, Vorsitzende der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung; Foto: © Jens Schicke

Treatment Action Campaign receives FES Human Rights Award 2009

Panel Discussion and Ceremonial Act, December 10, 2009 in Berlin

Listen to the interviews with Nonkosi Khumalo and Herta Däubler-Gmelin

Watch the picture gallery

Further information on the FES Human Rights Award Website


Ulrich Kelber MdB, Dagmar Dehmer und Kirit S. Parikh auf dem Podium

The Reckoning - The Battle for the International Criminal Court

Film and discussion at the One World Filmfestival, November 28, 2009 in Berlin

Information / Invitation
One World Filmfestival programme

Ulrich Kelber MdB, Dagmar Dehmer und Kirit S. Parikh auf dem Podium

A Global Green New Deal

International dialogue, November 24/25, 2009 in Berlin
Concept Note


Watch the picture gallery

Der Social Watch Report war eines der Themen der Tagung am 19. November in der FES Berlin

The social consequences of the global financial crisis

International Conference, November 19, 2009 in Berlin

Watch the picture gallery

Listen to the interviews

Go to the Social Watch Report 2009    Social Watch Deutschland Report

Die Krise trifft vor allem die Arbeitsplätze von Frauen

Risking Elections - Milestone or Stumbling Block for Democratization

International Symposium, November 2, 2009 in Berlin with scientists and practitioners from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Bangladesh

Listen to podcast "Elections and Conlict" and to interviews

Die Krise trifft vor allem die Arbeitsplätze von Frauen

The global crisis from a gender perspective

International Conference, October 20, 2009 in Berlin

Look at the picture gallery

Die Teilnehmer des Symposium  beim Abschlussfoto

Right to Social Security in Development

Conference & Public Panel Discussion, October 19/20, 2009 in Berlin

Background information

Programme of the public panel

Further information on the Oslo University website

Look at the picture gallery

v.l.n.r.: Henrik Enderlein, Ulrich Benterbusch, Thomas Fischermann, Tovar da Silva Nunes und Jens Martens

Global Economic Governance in the year 2020:
What future for the global economic system?

Scenario Presentation and Discussion, September 14, 2009 at FES Berlin

Scenarios for tomorrow's economic system

Geneva Scenarios on Global Economic Governance

v.l.n.r.: Yulius Hermawan, Indonesien, Ulrich Kelber MdB, Jason Milton, üdafrika und Jorge Carrera, Argentinien während der Konferenz. Foto: R. Maté

FES SWP North-South Dialogue 2009:
Global Governance for Global Markets - Moving beyond G8?

International Conference, June 17, 2009 in Berlin

Conference report

Picture gallery

Listen to the interviews with Salma Bava and Wang Haifeng

v.l.n.r.: Beate Wagner, DGVN; Eibe Riedel, Uni Mannheim; Virginia Dandan, Philippinen; UN-Sonderberichterstatter Olivier de Schutter; Martin Huth, Auswärtiges Amt. Foto: R. Maté

Monitoring Economic, Social and Cultural Rights -
Utilizing Indicators as a Tool for State Reporting Strategies

Expert discussion June 11, 2009 in Berlin

Picture gallery

Listen to interviews with the panellists


Expert discussion in the FES Bonn

The United Nations between G20 summits

Expert discussion May 13, 2009 in Bonn

Event report

Event in cooperation with the Global Policy Forum Europe and Terre des Hommes Germany.

Botschafter Thomas Graham und Marc Saxer, FES während der Conference. Foto: J. Schicke

International Political Dialogue: FES Forum for Security Policy - "New Momentum for Nuclear Disarmament?"

Conference, April 22, 2009 in Berlin

Picture gallery

Watch the video interviews with three of the panellists

Stephany Griffith-Jones (Foto: privat)

The Global Financial Crisis:
A Window of Opportunity for Reforming Global Economic Governance?

Luncheon with Prof. Griffith-Jones, March 26, 2009

Briefing Paper on Financial Regulation

Listen to the Interview with Stephany Griffith-Jones

v.l.n.r.: Jürgen Stetten FES, Dr. Thomas Fues DIE, Dr. Christoph Zöpel Staatsminister a.D. und Dr. Thomas Manz FES

Global Governance in transition - Challenges of governance in a changed world society

Workshop on February 2, 2009 in Bonn

Molly McCoy (ITUC), Josep Borrell (MoEP), Adhemar Mineiro (DIEESE) und Sarah Ganter (FES) in Belém

Bretton Woods II? How to shape the international financial system?

Workshop, January 31, 2009 at the World Social Forum in Belém, Brasil

Djimingué Nanasta (ENDA, Senegal), Sascha Raabe MdB, Sarah Ganter (FES) beim Workshop in Belém

It's Sink or Adapt: Financing for Climate Change Adaptation

Workshop, January 31, 2009 at the World Social Forum in Belém, Brasil

Briefing Paper by Sarah Ganter

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Events 2008
Bei der Festveranstaltung: Bundesaussenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, die Vorsitzende der FES Anke Fuchs, Bundeskanzlerin Angel Merkel und Barbara Lochbihler, Generalsekretärin von amnesty international in Deutschland

60 Years Universal Declaration of Human Rights: We protect them - they protect us

Ceremonial Act and Public Panel Discussion, December 10, 2008 in Berlin
Conference Programme

Programm of the public panel discussion

Look at the picture gallery

Peter Lanzet, eed und Roberto Bissio, Social Watch Uruguay

Social and Human Rights Budgeting

Workshop, December 9, 2008 in Berlin

HRB Workshop Report

Manuel Montes vom UN FfD Office am 4.12.08 in Berlin

The Global Financial Crisis:
Implications for Financial Regulation, Trade and Development

Luncheon with Manuel Montes, UN FfD Office, December 4, 2008 in Berlin

Bei der Panel Discussion: links im Bild Prof. Bofinger

Global Economic Imbalances:
Challenges for the International Financial System in Times of Crisis

Conference with Prof. Peter Bofinger, November 28/29, 2008 in Beijing, China

Conference Report

Auf dem Podium: Bundesminister a.D. Walter Riester und Prof. Bibek Debroy (links im Bild)

The rise of China and India:
Opportunity or threat for the German economy?

Panel Discussion with former Federal Minister Walter Riester and Professor Bibek Debroy, September 23, 2008 in Berlin

Event report

Bundesarbeitsminister Olaf Scholz während der Conference zu Decent Work am 5. May in Berlin

Decent Work and Fair Globalization:
A dialogue between industrialized and emerging economies

Conference with Michael Sommer and Federal Minister of Labour Olaf Scholz, May 5, 2008 in Berlin

Event report

Wegweiser zum Frieden

War and Peace in the year 2020 -
Scenarios for a German policy of peace

Scenario presentation and discussion with Ricardo Berzoini and Jacob Zuma, April 21, 2008 in Berlin

Compass Paper "Crises and Wars in Times of Globalization - How German Crisis Prevention and Peace Building could help" by Michèle Auga

Watch the video on YouTube

von links nach rechts: Ricardo Berzoini, Vorsitzender PT Brasilien, Stefan Mayr, Forschungsdirektor SWP und Jacob Zuma, Vorsitzender ANC Südafrika. Foto: J. Schicke

7th FES SWP North South Dialogue:
Global Governance in the 21st century - the Heiligendamm process as a way out of the crisis?

Panel Discussion with Ricardo Berzoini and Jacob Zuma, April 21, 2008 in Berlin

Fact Sheet on the Heiligendamm process

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